Zhaoxin Group LED high-efficiency flashlight strongly supports Ya'an earthquake-stricken area

At 8:02 on April 20, 2013, 7.0 and earthquake occurred in Lushan County, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province. On the 20th, more than 1.5 million people in Ya'an survived for six hours, and almost all houses in Lushan County and Baoxing County collapsed. Some seriously injured people did not have anesthesia bite sticks on the operating table for surgery.

At 3:30 in the morning of the 21st, through the president relationship of Panxin Group of Guangdong Zhaoxin Group, the leaders of Zhaoxin Group immediately delivered 500 Zhaoxin LED high-efficiency flashlights to the director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Lushan County, Ya'an, and hoped that the compatriots in the disaster area would be well!

The donation of the letter of the letter three LED high-efficiency flashlight real map

Performance characteristics of Zhaoxin LED three-proof high-efficiency flashlight:

High efficiency and energy saving: It adopts new imported high-power LED solid-state light source, which is efficient and long-lived, low in energy consumption and effective in irradiation distance of up to 120 meters.

Durable and durable: lithium-ion battery-free battery, good charge and discharge performance, high capacity, low self-discharge rate, economical and environmentally friendly; shockproof and explosion-proof waterproof charging design, built-in charging without replacing the battery, one full charge can be used continuously 8 More than an hour.

Three-proof use: Light-hardness aerospace alloy casing can withstand strong impact and impact, special sealing structure design; shockproof waterproof and explosion-proof, can meet the needs of various harsh environments and climatic conditions.

Intelligent protection: The optimized circuit design has battery over-discharge protection and constant current and constant voltage function; the brightness of the battery is also reduced when the battery power drops. The smart charger is equipped with overcharge, short circuit protection and charging display device.

Luminous recognition: Silicone luminous opening is button-type, which can quickly find a flashlight in a dull environment.

Convenient and light: beautiful appearance, compact structure, light weight, can be held by hand, or can be pulled on the wrist by pulling in the silicone sleeve, easy to carry and operate.

Zhaoxin LED three-proof high-performance flashlight packaging

Zhaoxin LED three anti-high efficiency flashlight inner packaging

The technical parameters of Zhaoxin LED three high-efficiency flashlight

1. Light source: high power LED glare current 550mA, working photocurrent 330 mA, luminous flux 1m>140, average life h>100000;

2, use time: 100% glare use time, 450 minutes; 5% low light use time, 6540 minutes; 10HZ flash use time, 516 minutes;

3, battery model 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, charging time h ≤ 8; battery life cycle is about 1000;

4. Lens: imported FCL lens, double-sided plated lens; light transmittance is 95%;

5, material: aerospace grade reinforced aluminum material 6061-T6, hard aging oxidation - titanium black, stainless steel attack head;

6, size: length 150mmX handle 26.5mm (head diameter: 37.5mm);

7, lanyard length 150-160, lanyard strength N ≥ 50;

8. Illuminance: 120-180lx at 1m in the dark room of weak illumination; 5m≥120lx in the dark room of strong illuminance; illuminance ≥100lx after 200min continuous glare;

9, luminosity angle ≥ 4, weight: 160g.

(This article is submitted by the Zhaoxin Group)

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