Fei Le audio won the bid for "Shanghai Center" indoor lighting project

On May 14, Li Zhijun, general manager of Feile Audio (600653), announced that the wholly-owned subsidiary Yaming Lighting won the bid for the indoor lighting project of Shanghai Center Building, which will innovatively use the contract energy management model.

It is understood that Shanghai Yaming, as the indoor lighting integration service provider of Shanghai Center Building, fully adopts and rationally applies international advanced lighting energy-saving technology and intelligent lighting control system, including the latest high-efficiency LED solid-state light source and digital visual illumination information transmission. The system, dynamic sensing "constant lumen" lighting technology, all-round central green lighting control system, etc., strictly abide by the green energy-saving standards, thereby minimizing the building's energy consumption.

According to statistics, only the "Shanghai Center" integrated area and office building indoor lighting system saves more than 4,000 tons of standard coal per year; reduces carbon dioxide emissions by about 10,000 tons; equivalent to planting hundreds of thousands of trees.

Su Yaokang, deputy general manager of Feile Audio, pointed out that Yaming Lighting plans to increase its revenue from the current 2 billion yuan to 7 billion yuan in the next five years. LED-based green lighting and solutions are the most important sources of growth. Su Yaokang said that Yaming Lighting will achieve great development in the next five years. In this development process, the contract energy management model adopted in cooperation with Shanghai Center Building has been highly anticipated. The company has just completed its subsidiary of Yaming Contract Energy Co., Ltd. With the capital increase, the capital has increased from 10 million to 100 million yuan. In 2017, we hope that the revenue from energy contract management can reach 1 billion yuan.

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