Moso Power LED and consumer electronics power supply two-wheel drive development

China Securities Network announced that Maoshuo Power has great development prospects in the face of the broad consumer electronics switching power supply and LED lighting power supply market.

Mosuo Power only has nearly 20 billion power supply requirements per year, and the industry's benchmark company Delta's annual revenue is more than 30 billion yuan. In order to stimulate the increase of LED lighting penetration rate, local governments have reached energy saving and emission reduction targets, and are actively promoting the application of LED products in the field of shared lighting.

China Securities Network said that in the next few years, LED shared lighting construction across China will enter a period of rapid development. In the foreseeable future, consumer electronics power and LED lighting power will jointly drive the long-term rapid development of Maoshuo Power's future business.

At present, Maoshuo Power has accumulated many years in the field of power supply, and its technological advantages are outstanding. As the scale of production capacity is enlarged, it will gradually benefit from the emergence of scale advantages and obtain greater potential profit margins. In the future, if the company can exchange the profit space excavated with scale expansion in exchange for a broad market space, it will surely gain tremendous development momentum.

After Maoshuo's power supply went on, after a year of management reorganization, the company was re-appointed as the general manager by the chairman of the board, promoted the motivated and thought-provoking management personnel, and adopted an aggressive marketing strategy. China Securities Network believes that the company's operations will return to growth. aisle. In 2012, the company successfully completed the equity incentive, which will become one of the important driving forces for the management to continuously strive to achieve performance growth.

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