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Going out of the "official" and sticking to the people-oriented, can not forget this; less bureaucratic, more people, can gather popularity. Similarly, in the life of less noise, more clean, in order to be healthier. Noise pollution, water pollution, air pollution and garbage pollution are listed as the four major cities that must be controlled by the United Nations Human and Environmental Association. Noise pollution is often neglected in life because it is “invisible”, prompting it to become an invisible life killer. The kitchen has always been considered the most polluted place in the home. Nowadays, every household is equipped with a range hood, and the pollution of the soot has been largely removed. As everyone knows, just when the hood clears the visible fumes, it brings invisible noise pollution. Noise is an important indicator to measure the performance of the range hood. It refers to the A sound power level measured by the specified method when the range hood is operated at the highest speed and rated frequency. The national standard is not more than 74dB. If it is greater than 74dB, it will affect the health of human beings. Noise pollution firstly causes hearing, and secondly it can induce various diseases such as cardiovascular system, digestive system and nervous system. At the spiritual level, it will cause different levels of interference in working conditions and moods. In the home environment, the volume of more than 50 decibels will become a different level of noise pollution, becoming an invisible enemy of modern families enjoying quality life. The noise caused by the hood is very large, mainly due to the following two factors. The first is the installation problem. If the installation panel, the check valve, the impeller, etc. are improperly installed, the noise of the range hood will increase. Secondly, it is a problem of the exhaust pipe. The smoke exhaust pipe is too long or the phenomenon of "dead bend" will increase the noise of the hood. Therefore, if we want to solve the problem of noise from the hood, we can start from these two aspects. Only by minimizing noise, can we truly enjoy the health and tranquility brought by quality life!

Rectifier Diode A semiconductor device used to convert alternating current into direct current. The most important characteristic of a diode is its unidirectional conductivity. In the circuit, current can only flow from the positive pole of the diode and the negative pole flows out. Usually it contains a PN junction with two terminals, positive and negative. Its structure is shown in the figure. The carriers in the P region are holes, and the carriers in the N region are electrons, forming a certain barrier in the P region and the N region. When the applied voltage makes the P region positive with respect to the N region, the barrier is lowered, and the storage carriers are generated near the two sides of the barrier, which can pass a large current and have a low voltage drop (typically 0.7V), which is called positive. Wizard status. If the opposite voltage is applied, the barrier is increased to withstand a high reverse voltage, and a small reverse current (called reverse leakage current) is called a reverse blocking state. The rectifier diode has significant unidirectional conductivity. The rectifier diode can be fabricated from materials such as semiconductor germanium or silicon. The silicon rectifier diode has a high breakdown voltage, a small reverse leakage current, and good high temperature performance. Usually high-voltage and high-power rectifier diodes are made of high-purity single crystal silicon (it is easy to reverse breakdown when doping more). This device has a large junction area and can pass a large current (up to thousands of amps), but the operating frequency is not high, generally below several tens of kilohertz. Rectifier diodes are mainly used in various low-frequency half-wave rectification circuits. If full-wave rectification is required, they must be connected to a Rectifier Bridge.

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