The new concept opens the family market Yangzhou into the LED industry's most dynamic "source"

The reporter recently learned that solving a series of life problems brought by light will become the leading direction for LED lighting technology in the next five years. The future development trend of Yangzhou LED will also enter a new round of revolution.

LED will enter the golden period of development

Yangzhou is a rare place for high-efficiency LED lighting production.

Since 2011, Yangzhou Development Zone has held joint activities for high-standard industries every year. At that time, the vice president of the Nanjing Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Gu Xiaohong, said in an interview that in the next 3-5 years, LED will enter the golden period of development.

“Actually, this golden development period will come in the second half of this year,” said Dr. Xiao Hongqing from the Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

The reason for supporting Xiao Hongqing is: When the luminous efficacy of LED lighting equipment reaches 160-170 lumens, the LED market will enter an explosive growth period. He believes that when the LED light efficiency reaches 160-170 lm, the problem that has long plagued the cooling of LED lighting will be solved. “After reaching this data, the light effect is getting bigger and bigger, and the heat effect is declining.”

As heat dissipation no longer becomes a problem, manufacturing costs will also drop dramatically, and the era of high-efficiency LED lighting is coming.

“The current market average is around 120 watts. According to large-scale commercial production, there are currently only six or seven large manufacturers in the world that can reach 160-170 watts, including Taiwan’s 璨光光电.” Xiao Hongqing told reporters .

“This achievement product of Yuyuan Optoelectronics is produced in Yangzhou Yangyang Optoelectronics.” Yesterday, at the forum, Taiwan’s Yuyuan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Jiangsu Shengyang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Jian Fengren told reporters, “I Dare to say that the only level of mass production in the mainland is that Yangzhou is celebrating the optoelectronics."

LED lights can change color in the future

Yangzhou can open the family market with new concepts

In the exchange speech, Xiao Hongqing demonstrated golden light, gold light, white light, cool white light, light bulb light, and red yellow light. At present, LED light sources have been tested in the laboratory to simulate solar light. With the advent of high-efficiency LED lighting, LED lighting fixtures with variable color temperature will become a new trend in the market.

However, the LED light source can be used as a new concept to enter the home, which means that the future lights can be discolored. Even in the rainy weather, the lighting of the room can be controlled by intelligent lighting. Similar brightness.

For ordinary families, why do you have lights during the day? Xiao Hongqing said that to the high latitudes of the provinces and cities and countries, such as Harbin winter heavy snow, although it is daytime, but no sunshine, such as Taiwan often cloudy and heavy rain, without sunlight, people's mood will be low; future lights can It is a new exploration for the role of light therapy.

“LED lighting can mimic the natural changes of sunlight from sunrise to dusk.” Xiao Hongqing told reporters that the development and application market in this field has great potential. Like the northeast contour latitude, the sun comes out at 10 o'clock in the morning, the sun goes down at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and the sun is only 5 hours a day. The summer sun goes out at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and the sun does not go down at 10 o'clock in the evening. This will make people live. It becomes very irregular. If you use lighting control indoors, you can let people live in a healthy environment.

"It is emphasized that LED lights are used instead of daily incandescent lamps. This does not represent the prospect of LED market development." Yesterday, the deputy secretary-general of National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance said that only the new concept of LED lighting technology is given. In order to open new markets and increase their added value.

Qi Jun explained that incandescent lamps only have a fixed spectrum, and LED lighting can achieve changes in wavelength and frequency, thus creating new applications. "For example, in addition to phototherapy, LED lighting can regulate the growth of plants, and can also achieve Internet access."

The most dynamic and potential source

Yangzhou has three major competitive advantages

Undoubtedly, Yangzhou will be the most dynamic and potential source of the new revolution in LED lighting.

In addition to Yangzhou is currently the only region in China that has developed 160-170 lumens of horizontal LED lighting, Xiao Hongqing believes that Yangzhou's advantages are unparalleled: Yangzhou LED upper and lower-end enterprises are complete, reliable manufacturers can be integrated into a fighting team; Yangzhou is long In the triangle area, the downstream market is large enough; thirdly, the China Quality Certification Center is located in Yangzhou, and it has unique advantages in getting good quality inspections and getting consumers' approval.

Jian Feng Ren believes: "The light efficiency will be brighter than now and will be cheaper than now, but the circuit will be a technical problem that needs further solution."

Xiao Hongqing said that after solving the key points of the circuit intelligent control technology, he intends to carry out deeper exchanges and cooperation with the LED industry of Yangzhou. “Yangzhou can try to build the first intelligent, automated and user-friendly street lighting in China, with self-changing brightness and self-changing color, and intelligent control by remote control.”

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