Design scheme of a low power Ethernet interface circuit

0 Preface With the increasing popularity of Ethernet technology applications, instrumentation, data acquisition and control equipment, and home electrical equipment in industrial fields are becoming increasingly networked, and various network-related system equipments are inc ---MORE---

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Ruifeng Optoelectronics' high-end LED light source …

"G20-LED Summit member company" Ruifeng Optoelectronics announced on the evening of December 30, the company's subsidiary Shanghai Ruifeng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. received the first batch of strategic emerging industry project subsidies in the Lingang area totaling 38.25 million yua ---MORE---

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Comprehensive analysis of digital microphone technology…

In recent years, with the development of microphone technology and small-signal analog-to-digital conversion technology, electret condenser microphones (ECM) can increase digital audio output, thus opening up a new situation for the application of electronic products such as m ---MORE---

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What does 4G spectrum allocation mean?

In the field of mobile communications, spectrum plays a very critical role. Without a suitable frequency band, calls and data downloads are impossible to talk about, and whether the frequency band resources are good enough will directly affect the performance of mobile phone c ---MORE---

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Proficient in Signal Processing Design Small Tips(4): S…

The author of this article, maxfiner, graduated from Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology with a master's degree in signal and information processing. Maxfiner has worked in the wireless communication department of Huawei Communication Technology Co., ---MORE---

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Brief analysis of the distinction and development trend…

What is the difference between the air switch and the circuit breaker that people often say? The usage and function of the air switch and circuit breaker are actually similar, except that in general, the air switch is used in the case of small power overload load, and the circuit breaker is used i ---MORE---

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Will Huawei announce that it will be far behind the era…

As the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions, Huawei recently announced its official entry into the Internet of Vehicles. Its new car module ME909T has an absolute advantage in the field of car networking communication pipes. Huawei vehicle mo ---MORE---

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