Qinshang Optoelectronics was invited to develop Chinese green hotel lighting technical specifications

[High-tech LED reporter Xiong Yuheng Dongguan report] According to the latest data released by China Tourism Hotel Association, the number of star-rated hotels (more than three stars) in 50 key tourist cities nationwide is close to 5,000, of which 721 are five-star hotels. There are about 500 hotel projects designed according to the five-star standard to be built, under construction and just completed. At the same time, the hotel has the characteristics of many lamps and long lighting time. As LED indoor lighting application becomes the consensus of the industry development this year, hotel lighting, as one of the main market segments of indoor lighting, has attracted the attention of many LED companies. .

On March 16th, hosted by the International Hotel Leadership Agency, Dongguan Qinshang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (002638.SZ), the general manager of the Guangdong hotel industry, the Spring Festival exchange meeting and the hotel green lighting and energy saving standardization establishment forum in Dongguan Eurasian International hotel held. The conference received special support from the China Hotel Investors Alliance, the International Hotel Gold Leaders Association, the Shenzhen Tourism Hotel Association, the Dongguan Hotel Association, and the Huizhou Hotel Association. This forum is aimed at the current domestic hotel investment owners' urgent need for green environmental protection and reducing energy consumption costs. The aim is to provide LED energy-saving complete solutions for high-star hotels. On the same day, the industry experts, hotel owners and lighting designers attracted more than 100 people. Will participate.

At present, the lack of standard supervision and quality competition in domestic LED enterprise products has led to low-cost competition, which has seriously affected the healthy development of the entire industry. Some low-end LED lamps on the market are surprisingly low in price, and most of the products are shoddy. This has caused many hotel owners to have a lot of concerns about the use of LED lamps.

As we all know, the hotel lighting system is an important factor in determining the success of high-end hotels and the impression of customers. Without a professional lighting system design, it is difficult to have the unique atmosphere and effect of the hotel, and it is impossible to obtain good economic benefits. The lighting is a very important part of the hotel, it can reflect the image of the hotel and the momentum of the lights.

At the same time, the relatively high price of relatively energy-saving lamps is also an obstacle to the widespread application of LED products in hotel lighting. Due to the high price of LED indoor lighting products, most hotel projects take into account the investment cost, and do not apply on a large scale, but also use LED products in areas such as the lobby and underground parking lots that have long been illuminated for a long time.

As the organizer of the conference, Li Xuliang, chairman of Qinshang Optoelectronics, first spoke. He pointed out that as a large energy consumer, the demand for energy saving and consumption reduction is particularly urgent. However, due to the current lack of corresponding standards in the domestic LED lighting industry, market chaos, product quality is uneven, some hotel owners are still hesitant when choosing LED lighting.

"As soon as possible to establish hotel green lighting and energy-saving standardization, to ensure the quality of LED lighting products from the source, to provide owners with truly efficient, energy-saving, green LED lighting products, eliminating the worries of the owners." Li Xuliang said that Qinshang Optoelectronics is the first in China LED lighting listed companies will actively participate in the LED green lighting renovation of the hotel industry in the future.

The picture shows Li Xuliang, chairman of Qinshang Optoelectronics

“Standards can only be used for LED lighting products, but not as a reference for lighting in the entire hotel industry.” Bai Wanjun, Beijing Bafan Bamboo Lighting Design Co., Ltd. believes that each hotel has its own unique energy-saving needs due to the difference in star ratings. Therefore, there will be differences in the choice of lighting products. “Standards are developed to ensure the quality and performance of LED lighting products.”

"The formulation of standards must follow the two principles of 'applicable' and 'scientific'." Ji Zhengkun, secretary general of the China National Standardization Association, proposed that 'applicability' is the basis for the establishment of standards, and should be applied to the entire hotel lighting industry; and scientific is the standard. Established an important component, reasonable and scientific hotel lighting standards, can achieve the best lighting effect with the least energy consumption.

Opening Ceremony of Green Lighting Technical Specifications for China's Hotel Industry

Subsequently, Li Xuliang, Chairman of Qinshang Optoelectronics, Huang Yuming, Chairman of Guangying Space Lighting Design, Zhang Junfu, Secretary General of China Interior Decoration Association, and Huang Wei, General Manager of Shenzhen Airlines International Hotel Management Company held a round table to answer questions.

For a long time, Qinshang Optoelectronics has focused on the R&D and independent innovation of LED application technology. After 9 years of hard work, it has become a national high-tech enterprise with the largest R&D and production base of semiconductor lighting products in Asia. It is the first high-power LED in China. The listed company with semiconductor lighting as its main business is also the company with the most mature application projects and the most advanced technology in the world. The Great Hall of the People, the Office of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Shenzhen landmark Jingji 100, the Guangbai Group, and the Korean Eland (Establishment) Group all use the LED lighting products of Qinshang Optoelectronics, which have good lighting and energy saving effects.

Li Xuliang, Chairman of Qinshang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. said that Qin will fully support the development of lighting energy-saving standardization in the hotel industry, and will give full play to the advantages in product design, functional design, and application of effects, and create LED energy-saving lighting products for the hotel industry. A comprehensive application solution that helps hotels achieve optimal lighting with minimal energy consumption.

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