How to protect the safety of household electricity?

According to statistics, three to four percent of the fires each year are caused by electrical causes such as short-circuiting of wires, overload loads, and electrical equipment failures. According to the fire broke out by the Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security in 2011, there were 37,960 fires caused by electrical causes, accounting for 28.6%. People are no strangers to the concept of electricity safety, but how can they live in a safe electrical environment?

Stay away from counterfeit and shoddy products and buy branded products

The safety of electricity is about life and property, so you must buy the original products of regular manufacturers. Regular original products have a "CCC" label, which is the so-called "3C" logo. 3C is the abbreviation of "China Compulsory Certification". It is the implementation of products related to human health and safety, animal and plant life safety and health, environmental protection and public safety in accordance with the relevant WTO agreements and internationally accepted rules. A unified mandatory product certification system.

1. Anti-counterfeiting certification, safe and reliable

Take Schneider Electric products as an example: Since 2007, Schneider Electric has started to implement new anti-counterfeit labels on low-voltage power distribution and industrial control products sold in the Chinese market to protect the authenticity of products. In addition to self-testing through anti-counterfeiting labels, customers can also call the Schneider Electric Customer Care Center hotline 400-810-1315 for product authenticity. Schneider Electric Customer Care Center is a professional customer support team. The customer service agents are located in Beijing and Wuhan respectively. In the spirit of “customer first”, we provide customers with coverage: inquiries about product authenticity, technical support, business orders, complaint handling. A variety of services, including on-site service applications. At the same time, Schneider Electric has distributors, stores and offices throughout the country to ensure that customers and consumers purchase original products and receive relevant guidance services. In addition to existing channels, Schneider Electric is also actively developing web-based platforms such as computers and mobile phones to provide customers and consumers with more diversified product inquiry channels.

2. The safety home is safe, pay attention to household electrical products, and protect household electricity safety.

For household electricity, the first thing to ensure is "safety." Accidents such as improper use of electric energy and aging of equipment may cause loss of life and property; in addition, absolute safety does not exist, and genuine high-quality household electrical products, in addition to meeting national standards, will be set higher. Safety standards to provide a higher safety factor, which is often a key factor in avoiding or reducing damage when power failures occur. As a leader in low-voltage power distribution, its low-voltage power distribution protection products have always been known for their best quality and safest protection. We recommend that consumers focus on:

1) Select the household electrical products of the regular stores and manufacturers, and promptly confirm the authenticity of the products by dialing the anti-counterfeiting hotline;

2) In addition, household electricity should be separately routed according to the lighting circuit, power socket circuit and air conditioning circuit. In this way, when one of the loops fails, the other loops can still supply power normally, and will not have too much impact on normal life.

1 Lighting circuit is recommended to use circuit breaker product protection;

The 2 socket circuit needs to install a leakage switch to prevent personal electric shock caused by electric leakage from household appliances.

3 Air conditioners and high-power circuits are recommended to be separately protected by circuit breakers or leakage protection products;

4 Circuit breaker type It is recommended to use bipolar or 1P+N (phase line + neutral line) circuit breaker. When there is a short circuit or leakage fault in the line, the circuit breaker can immediately cut off the phase (fire) line and neutral (zero) of the power supply. Line to ensure personal safety and safety of electrical equipment

3. Carefully choose the panel, the movement and appearance are equally important

Since we only touch the switches and sockets in the switch panel every day, most ordinary consumers cannot distinguish the movement materials of the switch panel. Since its introduction to switch panels in 1982, Schneider Electric has been committed to building world-class, high-quality switch panels, lighting control and smart home products and solutions. Here, we recommend that consumers choose the switch panel:

1) First of all, the core material of the high-quality switch panel is mostly made of silver, nickel and copper. It not only suppresses the arc but also has excellent electrical conductivity. In addition, the material of the crimping screw is usually brass.

2) Secondly, when purchasing the socket, pay attention to the material and tightness of the socket clip. The professionally designed plug and socket will be tightly connected, not easy to fall off, and the contact resistance is low.

3) The appearance of the switch panel is made of flame retardant material and should have certain impact and insulation properties. In addition, in addition to excellent safety performance, the appearance of the switch panel should also have the characteristics of smooth and smooth, harmonious color, beautiful shape and convenient use.

From the terminal electrical appliances to the power strip, to the wall switch socket, and then from each distribution box to the power distribution cabinet of the community, they are all part of the household power system. Schneider Electric believes that even if consumers purchase safe household appliances, if the household electrical system is not closed, it will still cause great security risks to the entire household electrical environment. Consumers should pay attention to the quality and safety of switch sockets, indoor distribution boxes and even distribution cabinets that were not valued before, to ensure the overall safety of the household electrical environment.

Editor: Li Jie

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