Shun Feng listed on the stock market today, Wang Wei will rise to 100 billion Chao Li Yanhong Xu Jiayin

【Global Network Technology Reporter Zhang Yang】 Recently, the topic of the express delivery industry has continued one after another. You sing, I debut, and today SF Express successfully grabbed the headlines. It is reported that SF Express will be traded in Shenzhen Securities today. Listed by the bell, SFG is listed on the backdoor. It is reported that the borrower Fang Dingtai New Material will be officially renamed tomorrow, and the stock short name will be changed from "Dingtai New Material" to "SFG Holdings".

SF data map

According to reports, after the listing, SF President Wang Wei's net worth will rise to nearly 111.102 billion yuan, more than the previous Yuantong actual controller Yu Huixi couples, regain the title of the private courier industry's richest man, but also exceeded Li Yanhong, Xu Jiayin.

In 2016, SFG achieved an operating profit of RMB 3.69 billion, which represents an increase of 44.20% over the same period of last year's continuing operations. This was mainly due to the continued rapid growth of the overall domestic express delivery industry and the company’s cost control.

SF founder Wang Wei

It is reported that Wang Wei has refused to go public. “The benefits of listing are nothing more than to circulate money and get the funds needed to develop a business. SF is also short of money, but SF cannot be listed for money. After listing, the company becomes a profitable machine. Every day the changes in stock prices affect the nerves of the company, which is unfavorable to the management of the company's management.” This is as early as 2011, Wang Wei rarely said in the interview a few words.

In 2013, SF Express conducted the only financing, and Yuanxiao Holdings, China Merchants Group and CITIC Capital jointly invested approximately 25% of SF Express in an amount of RMB 8 billion. Wang Wei said that the three major investors were selected because they did not force SF listed.

Nowadays, with the domestic courier companies Yuantong, Zhongtong, and Shentong listed on the market and landed on the capital market, industry competition has risen to a new level.

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