Family Starter: EPSON Epson V19 Premium Scanner

Speaking of scanners, do you think it is the peripherals that Wenhui stores or professionals need? Anyway, I thought so before.

Because I need to scan some old photos and various documents in the near future, I need to purchase a scanner. I don't have professional requirements. The purchase goal is entry-level, and the performance is stable. After comparison, I chose this EPSON- V19 value type, the resolution reached 4800dpi (in fact, daily use 500dpi is very Nice), and J East sold over 10,000, priced at 399 yuan, in the same grade scanner sales and reputation are very front .

EPSON V19 Value Photo & Document Scanner 399 V19 Premium Photo & Document Scanner Jingdong Direct Links

Unprepared to start when found in the waste line points in the mall there are models of the scanner, and only need 169,000 points, waste line points ratio is 500:1, equivalent to renminbi is 338 yuan, even cheaper than J East, decisive waste line Points exchange, the order screenshots are as follows:

Change to earn, there are wood!

Year ago received this scanner, but usually too busy, today when free time unpacking the way took a few for the purchase of the need for a cheap reference.

To be honest when I received this box, I doubted it was used, but as a redeem for merchandise, I endure it...

Classic Epson color matching, gray and blue, various international certifications on the box, various logos, various parameters.

Simply tell us about the basic parameters of the scanner:

The Chinese name of the CIS photosensitive original is a contact type image sensing device, which has the advantages of small size and low cost. The disadvantage is that the scanning speed is slightly slower.

The box on the side of the box is marked with the factory number, product SN, origin, etc. It is worth mentioning that the equipment is made in Indonesia and feels a little better than the quality of made in china, because sony's equipment is made in Indonesia, so I think The quality is more reliable, just as foreigners' impression of Chinese manufacturing is cheap.

Don't look outside. It's the same as the new one. There is nothing wrong with it. It should not be the second cell phone.

Both sides are covered with plastic foam, effectively buffering bumps during transit.

ALL is here, body, driver CD, manual, warranty card, data cable.

The panel is a matte material, while the golden mean does not lose its temperament. The matte material always gives people a full texture, and personally likes the craft.

After opening it, a very simple and simple device. The upper part is the cover and the lower part is the fuselage.

The glass on the surface of the fuselage is a transparent glass. As a patient with obsessive-compulsive disorder, I have never dared to wipe this kind of glass. Various internal scans and transport tracks can be seen inside.

There are four physical buttons on the bottom of the fuselage: Quick Scan, Copy, Scan to PDF, Scan to Easy Photo Scan.

Lower left corner of the fuselage product model identification, V19.

The top of the fuselage panel marked MAX, I do not know what the specific meaning, it should be the largest format supported by the model, I hope the experts correct me, so as not to mislead everyone.

At the bottom of the fuselage

Product nameplate on the back of the unit.

Here are the characteristics of the machine for you to introduce:

We can look at the back of this bar, which is marked with an arrow above it. Yes, this board can be lifted and moved, so this is a scanner that can be erected. The desktop is usually cluttered and the scanner is vertical. Can greatly save desktop space.

Gently hold it and pull it outwards and upwards.

Look after it.

At this point, the scanner can stand upright.

The station is not very stable. If you accidentally touch it, it will easily fall.

The internal transmission gears are evenly greased and the noise during rotation is acceptable.

This is the heart of the scanner. During the period, there is an image processing chip. The chip used is the EPSON ASIC high-speed image processing chip. Its algorithm is more precise and the data processing is faster. In addition, the new motherboard circuit design, digital image signal transmission conversion It is direct to prevent the electromagnetic interference generated by the surrounding electrical appliances, so that the scanning effect is better.

Conveyor belts and tracks inside the fuselage, open mold, workmanship is a big factory style.

Vaguely visible EPSON LOGO, under the backdrop of halo, imaginary ethereal, beautiful.

From another point of view, it is actually the LOGO etched on the interior plastic floor, haha.

The liner on the cover is a white plate outside, and the cover is directly lined with a foam sponge.

Data interface is placed on the top of the fuselage, is a common micro usb excuse, everyone's Android phone line can be, compatibility is very good.

Another feature of this machine is its support for scanning thick books, because its cover has a great latitude and can even be removed, so that when scanning thick books, it is not necessary to tear the book.

After putting on the thick book, the cover will automatically be lifted up. The small details will bring great convenience to daily use. They like this feature very much.

Randomly provided with the data line, workmanship is general, the sense of the cottage bursting. . . . . .

The following will introduce you to some of the driver installation process, the model of drive installation fool, even white or middle-aged women can easily get started.

First, download the V19 driver on the official website.

Then all the way to the next step, after the installation is successful, the desktop will have a scanner icon, double-click to run as follows:

The layout of the interface is very nostalgic, much like the interface layout of the XP era, the upper right corner is for mode selection, and the lower left corner is for quick scan and customization options.

The home mode is the most basic mode. It only provides the image type and simple image adjustment function. This mode can basically cope with the common scanning work.

If you have higher requirements on the scanning effect, then the document orientation and resolution options are added in the office mode. The larger the resolution is, the slower the scanning speed is. The common resolution of 300-500 can have quite good definition and Balanced scanning speed.

The setting of the professional mode is more complicated, including some image processing parameters such as sharpening, automatic descreening, color renewal, backlight compensation, etc., which are suitable for high-end users.

Here's a scan of my early childhood photos, and you need to explain the gender: male.

It can be seen that configuring a scanner can store everyone’s memories on computers and mobile phones forever. It can also scan various documents, such as borrowing books, manuscripts, etc. Although it is not a necessity, it can greatly improve our data archiving methods.

to sum up:

This scanner is affordable, solid workmanship, and the first choice for getting started.

Advantages: 1, support vertical display to save desktop space. 2, support thick book scanning, greatly expanding its working environment.

Disadvantages: Do you have to look for shortcomings? I think entry-level is completely adequate. . . . . Well, that's not professional enough!

It is hoped that high-end users can give valuable advice.

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