The world's first LED Bar backlight measurement standard was born in Taiwan

Taiwan Industrial Association SEMI announced the adoption of the LED Light Bar measurement standard for LED backlight modules in the world’s first LCD monitor that is dominated by Taiwan.

The standard is based on the SEMI International Industrial Technology Standard Platform, integrating the US, China and South Korea with the cooperation of upstream and downstream operators in Taiwan's display industry, including AU Optronics, Epistar, Zhimao, and ITRI. Opinions from Japan, Europe, and other countries are expected to help related companies reduce production and communication costs.

According to reports, the measurement standards adopted this time define two-dimensional image analysis methods, which can simultaneously calculate the multi-point brightness, and can accurately detect the offset of the LED Light Bar, shorten the detection time, and synchronize the optical and mechanical properties. Design detection. The development of this measurement standard will have three major economic benefits for flat panel display operators, including: upstream and downstream operators will have clear specifications and the same language of communication to reduce disputes; test environments and methods will be clearly defined and can more accurately analyze LED Light Bar quality; Effectively improve quality control and product quality.

Lu Yonghong, deputy general manager of AU Optronics Technology Center, said that the standard is not only more applicable to relevant industries in Taiwan, but also reduces the threat of non-standard measurement methods that foreign companies strongly dominate. On the other hand, it once again proves to the international community that Taiwan is independent in technology. Strong strength in specification.

Lin Zengyao, deputy director of the Institute of Metrology and Measurement of ITRI pointed out that this standard unifies the measurement method and communication language of LED Light Bar. For the testing equipment industry, it is not necessary to adjust the machine to the measurement methods required by individual customers. Can significantly reduce manufacturing and R&D costs.

SEMI Taiwan FPD International Industrial Technology Standards Committee was approved in July 2008 and officially became a member of the SEMI FPD International Industry Standards Committee. It is one of the platforms for Taiwan's flat-panel display industry upstream and downstream, as well as the exchange of views between experts in the industry.

Currently, Lin Zengyao, the deputy director of the ITRI's Measurement Center, and Liu Jiaming, executive director of the TDMDA Taiwan Flat Panel Display Materials and Components Industry Association, are co-chairpersons. It has established a sub-committee and six working groups. Including AUO, Chi Mei Optoelectronics, Hua Ying, Yuan Tai, Jing Yuan Optoelectronics and other flat panel displays and LED manufacturers, are involved in SEMI's standard-setting activities and meetings.

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