Street lamp management "addition and subtraction" energy saving and efficiency increase

Looking at the night city, the lights are like the sea, people are in full swing, the entire city under the night is full of glory, 42,000 street lamps lit up the night sky of the city, and become a beautiful business card of Jiaxing. As the electric power sector, in addition to ensuring the proper and orderly use of street lights, how to implement the concept of green lighting and make the efficiency of the economy even better has become a difficult issue facing the power sector. Today, the Jiaxing Nanhu Power Supply Substation has reduced the annual power consumption of the street lamps from 150 million kWh to over 30 million kWh through simple “additions and subtraction”, achieving annual savings of nearly 100 million yuan in electricity bills.

Increase the promotion of energy-saving lamps and reduce the turn-on time

With the development of the city, street lights have reached the township from the urban areas, which has brought convenience to more and more people. Before 1998, there were only 7,000 street lamps in the Jiaxing city's own class, and most of them were mercury lamps, which had high energy consumption. After 1998, Jiaxing Power Department increased the promotion of energy-saving lamps. Newly-installed street lamps all use energy-saving sodium lamps. During the renovation of old communities and peacetime street lights, they consciously replaced worn-out and aged mercury lamps with energy-saving sodium lamps. .

When the project was just launched, some people questioned: The average price of each sodium lamp is one-third higher than that of the mercury lamp. The one-time investment for all sodium lamps is very large. Is it worth it? In fact, the power sector has long been a good account: Although the price of sodium lamps is higher, they can save 40% of the power of mercury lamps and have a long lifespan. The expensive part of a sodium lamp is only equivalent to the half-monthly savings. Electricity fee. This strengthened the confidence of the Jiaxing Electric Power Department in promoting energy-saving lamps.

By the end of September 2010, more than 90% of the 42,000 street lights in the Jiaxing City area have adopted energy-saving sodium lamps. In addition, the South Lake Power Supply Bureau actively promotes the consumption of only one-eighth of the LED light source of incandescent lamps, and installed solar street lights, wind-solar hybrid street lamps, and high-power energy-saving lamps in some sections. The use of these energy-saving street lamps will become a new bright spot for energy saving.

In order to shorten turn-on time, Nanhu Power Supply Bureau used four-core cable laying in the construction of road lights to create conditions for sub-period control, formed a night light, extinguished all the way after 22:00 and then extinguished all the way after 24:00 There are three lighting modes. At 22 o'clock and 24 o'clock every night, the computer issued a command to close part of the cable loop through the contactor and turn off part of the light source to turn off the light. At present, the street lights of this class of Jiaxing city have all implemented the midnight light control. After many years of actual operation, the power-saving effect is obvious, and the average annual power saving is 50%.

Widen the ways of energy saving in science and technology and reduce human error

Many attentive Jiaxing citizens have found that the street lights are much smarter now than they were several years ago. Unlike the old days when they were dark at night and evening, the street lights have not yet lighted. The street lights have not yet been destroyed in the summer morning. Now, as long as the sky is a little dark, the street lights will light up consciously.

It was originally that the Jiaxing Power Department introduced a streetlight intelligent control system. The system has a "three remote" function, using the "light control priority, time control protection" control method, can achieve the city's street lighting, integration, streamlined control, and on / off light illumination limit and the last minute time limit, once When the value of the photosensitive sensor outside the intelligent control room is lower than the lower limit of illuminance, the computer will automatically turn on the light through the wireless network. It can control the turn on/off time of the street light accurately in sunny or rainy days, avoiding premature opening or Energy wastage caused by late closing. In this way, 15% of streetlight electricity bills can be reduced in one year, and unnecessary errors caused by manual lighting can also be avoided.

Not only that, South Lake Power Supply Branch introduced variable power ballasts and street lamp power savers. The variable power ballast can use the principle that the gas discharge lamp can still operate normally when the operating current is properly reduced. By increasing the reactance of the ballast and reducing the light source current, the overall energy-saving purpose of the street light system is achieved. At present, a number of street lights in Jiaxing City have adopted variable-capacity ballasts, which have obvious energy-saving effects and the energy-saving rate is about 35%. In some roads installed on the street lamp Power Saver, you can step down, smart pressure regulation, to achieve more than 30% energy saving, but also has a more ideal power-saving effect.

Stop turn tail

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