The concept of car networking and the trend of China's market

Car networking concept

The concept of the Internet of Vehicles extends from the Internet of Things. The definition of the Internet of Vehicles varies according to the industry background. The traditional definition of vehicle networking refers to the identification of electronic tags loaded on vehicles through wireless radio frequency and other identification technologies, so as to extract and effectively utilize the attribute information and static and dynamic information of all vehicles on the information network platform, and according to different functional requirements. A system that effectively monitors the operational status of all vehicles and provides integrated services.

With the development of the Internet of Vehicles technology and industry, the above definition can not cover the entire content of the Internet of Vehicles. According to the definition of the technical innovation strategic alliance of the Internet of Vehicles Industry, the vehicle network is based on the in-vehicle network, the inter-vehicle network and the vehicle-mounted mobile Internet, in accordance with the agreed communication protocol and data interaction standards, in the car-X (X: car, road, A large system network for wireless communication and information exchange between pedestrians and the Internet is an integrated network capable of intelligent traffic management, intelligent dynamic information services and intelligent vehicle control. It is the Internet of Things technology in the field of transportation systems. typical application.

China's vehicle industry trend

The sustained and steady growth of China's vehicle industry has brought a broad market for IoT vehicle terminals. Data show that from January to November 2016, the production and sales of passenger cars completed 21.743 million and 21.678 million, respectively, an increase of 15.6% over the same period of the previous year; compared with the first 10 months of this year, production and sales The volume growth rate was increased by 0.3% and 0.2%, respectively.

In 2015, the number of vehicles equipped with front-mounted vehicle networking equipment was 17.5 million, and it is expected to reach 75 million by 2023. In 2015, the scale of China's car networking market is expected to exceed 150 billion yuan. In 2020, 90% of cars will have Internet access. In the next three years, the scale of China's car networking market will exceed 200 billion yuan.

China's car network penetration trend

In terms of penetration rate, it is estimated to be 27% in 2016 and is expected to reach 67% by 2023. Among them, the penetration rate of the Chinese market in 2016 is 19%, and it is expected to reach 67% by 2023, becoming the world's largest pre-installation market for car networking.

As a traditional manufacturing industry, the automotive industry has evolved to this stage, and intelligence has become the clearest requirement. We increasingly hope that our car is no longer just a means of transportation, it should be able to meet more needs. Therefore, when the current car company is launching a new car, it is no longer just a pure talk about the shape of the power, the car network has become a selling point.

Solar Battery

As one of the clean and renewable energy source, solar energy is extensively distributed on earth. Wherever there is sunshine, solar power system could come into play to supply power in most of time.

With installed solar power system, the solar panels of the system are able to absorb sunshine and turn the energy into electricity which then passes through the inverter for the power supply of your home.

What is A Solar Battery?

A solar battery is an additional component that helps store excessive energy generated from solar panels for use at a later time. Adding solar batteries to a solar system creates an innovative solar plus storage pattern and improves the independence of the power supply.

"Solar + Storage" is a wonderful technology. With a solar battery, you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy in a time when the panels are not producing energy. A solar battery can make grid independence possible and avoid paying high energy costs at peak time.
During a sudden power blackout or an emergency situation, it is a solar battery that can make a difference for your home compared to the surrounding neighborhood. It can be used as backup power for your family and offer a comfortable and safe home with lights on. A solar battery is able to back up the essential loads such as lighting and main electronic appliances during a power failure.

Battery storage is the next big thing in renewable energy. Companies like UFO POWER are developing batteries that can be installed with solar panels to create "solar-plus-storage" systems for your power supply.


Solar Battery Application

â–² Lithium Battery Advantage

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> Resistant to vibrations

> Improved cycle life performance

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> High energy efficiency

â–² Electrolyte

Flame retardant Electrolyte: Our cells are manufactured with our flame retardant additive in our electrolyte.

â–² Protection Function

> Overcharge Detection

> Over Discharge Detection

> Over Current Detection

> Short Circuit Detection

> Temperature Protection Function

> Balance Function

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