Microsoft releases new patent, HoloLens's narrow field of view is expected to overcome

The science fiction film successfully predicted that the future is not the first time. The first real science fiction movie A Trip to the Moon, which was earlier than 1902, predicted the moon landing after 67 years, and the mobile phone and "tricorder" in the Star Wars series. Equipment has also become a reality. However, the Star Wars series has another well-known concept design: the holographic desktop, which is the holographic interactive VR projection in the starship cockpit, which will also become a reality with Microsoft's latest patents.

The application filed in July last year was successfully released on the 22nd of this month, which solved the shortcoming of limited Microsoft HoloLens technology. However, this patent does not directly enlarge the field of view, but projects the image onto objects in the surrounding environment to expand the field of view of head-mounted devices such as HoloLens.

Microsoft releases new patent, HoloLens's narrow field of view is expected to overcome

This holographic deck-like room is full of projectors, some projectors have 3D capabilities, and the patent says: "These additional computer-generated content can be enhanced and complemented each other to extend the field of view, change the look of the real scene, etc. Mark objects in real scenes, induce actions, and display public or encrypted content."

However, the release of these technology patents does not mean that there are related product plans in the future. The greater possibility is that some of the patented technologies will be used in future products. In the future, when our home becomes a holographic space, we may turn back and feel that the Star Wars once again predicts the future.

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