What is the experience of installing a brand new black and white color matching host?

Easy to have tai chi, it is two instruments. The two instruments are yin and yang, yin and yang, and everything is born. Chinese ink paintings are based on the ideas of the Book of Changes and are unique examples of the use of rice paper and ink.

On this new generation Kaby Lake intel CPU, and 200 mainboards listed, I want to get a host of yin and yang.

So basically black and white, but there are always accidents... yes.

â–² The motherboard uses MSI (MSI) B250 KRAIT GAMING. The new B250 chipset, the most important thing is that he is black and white color. It can perfectly support 7 series CPU.

â–² The advantages of this B250 on the back, such as high-quality on-board sound cards, high-quality materials, dual M.2 interfaces, high-speed network ports, and better DDR4 performance, actually depend on the actual application. And also support CrossFire.

â–² open the outer box, inside the accessories are very rich, there are motherboards, there are baffles, there are two SATA 3.0 data lines, manuals, thank you cards, warranty cards, the most interesting is that there is a paste can be online label.

â–² black and white black with black really not strong, we replaced the background, put a piece of marble. Through a white background, clearly see the black and white color of this motherboard is like a cobra, very in line with my black and white color requirements - yin and yang Jiaotai, you have me, I have you. 6 sata 3.0 channels, 4 DIMM DDR4 slots.

â–² Let's take a look at the CPU's core power supply area. Below the protective cover is the LGA 1151. The power supply uses a 6-phase CPU core power supply, a three-phase core graphics card power supply, and a phase-specific power supply for the VCCIO - powering the PCI-E controller. MOS is covered by heat sinks. Heat sinks are also available in black and white with a black color scheme.

â–² 4*DDR4 DIMM slots, the same color is the same set of dual-channel, and the use of a double-headed buckle classic style, easier to remove and install memory. The memory uses single-phase power.

â–² 6 groups of SATA 3.0 interfaces are usually next to the PCH. On the right side of the SATA interface, there are two onboard USB3.0 front pin connectors, which can provide power and signal transmission for the 4-port USB 3.0 interface chassis. . Below the brand LOGO+ heat sink, is the B250's PCH.

â–² In the PCI-E slot area, you can see that there are two groups of M.2 interfaces that can be used to plug in the SSD of the M.2 interface. There are also three PCI-E x16-length channels and three PCI-E 1X mini-slots. The gold capacitor is wrapped in the onboard sound card of the small crab REALTE ALC892. The larger chip on the left side of the onboard sound card is the NUVOTON monitoring chip. On the right side of the onboard sound card is an onboard GE GE onboard Gigabit Ethernet card.

â–² As for the three PCI-E slots that everyone is more concerned about, the speed of the channel is. It can be seen that the closest to the CPU is the 16X full-speed channel, the second is the 8X half-speed channel, and the third is the 8X half-speed PCI-E channel via the PCH. However, the third PCI-E slot cannot form CrossFire. At the same time can also see this motherboard has LED backlight....

â–² back of the I / O port, you can see a set of USB 3.1 type A + type C, there are group 2 * USB3.0 interface, a set of 2 * USB2.0 interface, an onboard DVI and HDMI output interface, A P/S2 round mouth mouse and keyboard interface. An onboard 7.1 audio output.

â–² B250 KRAIT GAMING motherboard is more interesting two accessories, a sticker with a sticker I / O interface bezel, one can stick on the line of the sticker, used to mark.

â–²CPU is the official version of i7 7700k bought by Ma Yunjia. Nothing looks good. All the players who tasted the crabs are dying.

â–² In order to suppress the 7700k fever, I came to his Asaqin II from a friend. After all, the air-cooled king of the 8 heat pipes, although not as brilliant as the water-cooled ones, can be used without worry. What? You asked me what Asacin? It seems that you know nothing about halal.

â–² Accessories............. I went to the middle of the 14025 plastic bag fan? ... ... ... Well, I want to black and white color, I still put on their original TF120.

â–² ready to use TF120

â–² TF120 meets my black and white color matching requirements - black and white color. The TF120 is a double-leaf fan. It also has a series of air duct designs with white LEDs on all four corners. Of course it would be better if it was a kind of LED fan wrapped in a circle.

â–² With the help of the hard work, the soft lampshade was removed first, and then TF120 was fitted with Assassin II. After loading, the value is good.

â–² Install a heatsink and mount Hyper Savage DDR4 3000 8G*2. It feels like a true color match. The yin and yang styles of black and white ink paintings are in full view. This feeling is really good.

â–² I installed the GTX 1070 DUKE with my 618. What? Do you see the perfect battle? That's right. It took only half a year without fighting. In fact, the best graphics card must also be black and white, however....... Anyway, graphics card replacement fast, first get up and installed.

â–² The backboard is also a little black and white, which meets my requirements. As for the red rubber protection plugs and protective sleeves. Heaven and earth meet, on the 9th, the dragon has regrets; on the 6th, the dragon fights in the wild, its blood Xuanhuang. Always be a bit red........

â–² using an external power supply connector 8 + 6 pin, logo light I intend to fixed let him white.

â–²Well, since it's a little red, don't mind coming back to red, I use the fastest SSD class - NVMe's PCI-E SSD card - Plextor M8PeY, it can be said to be the fastest Hard disk. Moreover, the PCI-E SSD has an advantage, and the heat dissipation effect is better than that of the M.2 SSD and is not afraid of being killed by heat. And the dog to buy, Plextor is not afraid of after-sales.

â–² As usual, there are various product read/write parameters, I/OPS, etc. on the back side.

â–² Plextor's M8PeY box contains these things. Thanks to the letter, the manual, and the M8PE 256G ont.

â–² M8PeY appearance, in fact, it is still very good, quite beautiful. And that shell is aluminum alloy, a very thick feeling, can provide good heat dissipation for the internal SSD's flash memory, as well as the main control. In the white triangle area there is Plextor's dark brand logo.

â–² original is a full high version of the PCI baffle. If it is a half-height case, it can be replaced with a half-height PCI bezel for compatibility. The width of the slot is the length of the PCI-E 4X, which is basically the fate of the second slot.

â–² Although the M8PeY is a PCI-E card, it does not take power from the PCI-E slot, but supplies power through an external SATA power supply port. On the left side of the power supply port, there is a row of red intervals, which is a red light board. The red LED will have a breathing light, or a flashing light effect, like a beating heart.

â–²sata power supply port.

â–² The back is basically a bare PCB.

â–² Carefully remove the screws. As you can see, this is the M.2 switch PCI-E. Of course, you can remove it and turn it into M.2 ........But PCI-E is better than M.2. His heat is very high. Well, it will not slow down because of excessive temperature, but it can also extend its service life. The row of white dots above the board is the red LED.

â–² SSD is actually M8PeG, the main control for the horse Marvell 88SS1093, support LDPC error correction, external DRAM cache Samsung 512M LPDDR3, 2 Toshiba 15NM MLC flash memory particles, numbered as TH58TFT0JFLBAEF, single 128GB capacity, 2 composed of 256GB capacity .

â–² Shell is aluminum alloy, solid, feel heavy in your hand. The heat transfer is achieved by connecting a thermally conductive solid silicone grease to the M8PeG of M.2. The top is red LED light board

â–² As for the power supply, I still used my previous inventory, the XFX XTR 750, and then I have customized the black and white color third-party module line before.

â–² Individuals still prefer this black-and-white silver plated module line.

â–² This time due to M8PeY, you need to add one more SATA power supply cable, and one more sata module cable.

â–² chassis I chose to go to use it on the side of the wind PK416 glass side through version. Black and white color matching, with tempered glass side penetration.

â–² On the front, it is basically black and white is dotted. The upper and lower air inlets have dust-proof nets. At the top, along the white air inlet, there are fan speed control switches, LED color switching, and LED light switches.

â–² chasing wind PK416 glass side through the chassis inside the chassis is a power compartment. With white paint, other places are black and white color. The feeling is still quite good.

â–² In addition to the air inlet and outlet of the chassis, the rest of the chassis has a shock-absorbing, noise-reducing sponge for wrapping. The top is made of magnetic plastic plate, which can be covered when there is no need to install a fan or enter or leave the air.

â–² I used to install the power first installed, so that the center of gravity is relatively stable. Of course, it can be installed last. But because of the existence of the power divider, you must first install the module line...or there is no room for you to install the module line.

â–² Then put the motherboard and radiator into the chassis. The whole package is currently black and white, and it feels good... Well behind...

â–² Install the graphics card GTX1070 DUKE and install the 8pin+6pin external power supply cable. Then install the M8PeY 256G, and then give it an extra SATA power cable... Fortunately, my custom module line is black and white.

â–² back wiring. Because at that time the length of the module line was customized according to the entire tower chassis...some would be too long.... If the module line is beautiful, it must measure the chassis accurately, and it is basically one-on-one, which reduces the general aesthetics.

â–² power. Hercules PK416 this black and white color box comes with seven colorful LED light bar, I adjusted it to white light. The overall feeling is still very good.

â–² Cover the side of the glass and feel the feel of the Star Gallery. It is no wonder that many chassis manufacturers like to see the side of the glass transparent and can display the accessories inside the chassis.

â–² change the angle.

â–²This is the lighting effect of Pu Kete M8PeY 256G.... The red beat like yin and yang blends to create the feeling of everything.

â–² Keyboard For the current black and white combination, and also for the future to play RGB, I used the Logitech G910 RGB version of the keyboard.

â–²G910 uses Romer-G's own custom Omron exclusive shaft, and 8bit RGB - 16.8M can customize the color. Programmable quick buttons for G1~G9. Some real-time status of the game can be displayed through the mobile phone APP.

â–² This small, fresh blue color scheme is well received. The overall packaging feels fresh and fresh.

â–² As a key mouse manufacturer, some of Logitech's designs are still good. Although G1~G9 will make it more difficult to get started, after the habit, it will be helpful for some operations of the game. With a detachable keyboard holder, the top blue area is pulled open to place the phone, while some real-time status of the game can be displayed through the mobile phone APP. BUT... We can't be distracted.

â–² Multimedia G1~G9 control area, top M1 M2 M3 macro button, and MR macro programming button can be customized. The feel of normal buttons is a bit like the shortened axis of the tea. However, because the axis is custom-made, and in order to focus, the G910's key cap does not have the same versatility as Cherry's keycap. The keycap surface is covered with a skin-like material coating, which is the same as many light-transmissive keycaps.

â–² Logitech's look after the RGB keyboard is powered on, the default is the colorful loop mode, which can be adjusted by downloading the driver from the Logitech website. The G910's LOGO is a fixed light that emits azure.

â–² I currently need pure white monochromatic light, which is adjusted to full white light by driving.

â–² The multimedia buttons on the upper right are the light blue lights, and they cannot be changed. On both sides of the outlet port there is a backlight LED switch and a switch that locks the win key.

â–² Logitech's mouse has always been very good feeling, this time I use Logitech G403 RGB mouse. Color is also a kind of black and blue small fresh color.

â–² Logitech mouse, some of the better mouse can be weighted. As for the multi-media buttons with RGB colorful, belongs to Tim, the most important thing is that in line with the hand type, feel good, easy to operate, long-term use will not be tired.

â–² Logitech G403 is a very good mouse. Feel the grip of the hand, the rational layout of the various buttons, the overall operation of the flow, in addition to a little light, the other is good, but fortunately there are weights, the weight is going to estimate it right.

â–² counterweight block door is well opened, a rotary press, you can open.

â–² Mount the 10g counterweight, align the magnet, and hold it. Ok....

â–²The label of the scroll wheel and G can be discolored by RGB. It can also be monochrome. However, there are only two modes, a colorful cycle, and another breathing light mode, which can also be adjusted by driving. Breathing lights can also adjust the rhythm.

â–² Display the keyboard, mouse, and chassis together. It feels really good, very good.

â–² boot into bios, language adjustment into Chinese.

â–² CPU is 7700K, 4.0 ~ 4.4G frequency enough for daily use.

â–² memory to open XMP, because the B250 motherboard currently supports DDR4 2400 highest, so open XMP 2 - 2400 this file is right.

â–² Of course, the actual use environment is like this. This table was bought in 618. The round table top is a desktop vacuum cleaner, with AA dry batteries, it is best to use rechargeable batteries, this is an electric tiger ....

â–² Enter win10 and use CPU-Z + GPU-Z to correctly identify the accessories.

â–² Diskinfo also correctly identified Plextor M8PeY 256G.

â–² 3Dmark F mode results.

â–²3Dmark E mode performance

â–²3Dmark U mode performance

â–² Test TimeSpy test scores of 3Dmark DX12

â–²VRmark orange room test results

â–² Puket M8PeY 256G AS SSD test results, you can see much faster than SATA 3.0 SSD speed.

â–² Diskmark's test results, very high speed.

â–² pcmark8 test results

â–²TxBench results

â–²Temperature at test

My new black and white host was installed as it was. I hope to have the opportunity to try to see my i7 7700k constitution. In fact, every computer is a small world. All in One. One is ALL!

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