2016 Top 10 Classic TV Play Lists, How Can Smart TVs See the Complete Works for Free?

2016 is over. In the past year we have seen many wonderful TV dramas, some of which are appealing to the plots, some of which are appealing to a strong cast, some of which are remakes of some big IP novels, such as "Tomb of the Robbers". Notes, Illegal Crimes, Qingyunzhi, etc. So today Xiao Bian came to take a look at the past 2016. What are the 10 most popular classic TV series? Is the best TV show you have in mind?

NO.1: Slightly smiled and starved: Zheng Shuang, Yang Yang

Description: Bei Weiwei is a college student who spends her time in school. In the virtual world of cyberspace, she is a red woman in the world of fantasy. In the game, Bei Weiwei got to know that “the real water had no fragrance” and the two became chivalry partners. She did not expect that Pei Weiwei was rejected by the real water without incense because she did not want to show her true colors. In the game, he was baffled “divorced”. After Pei's slight encounter, she met the master of the rivers and lakes and "smiles", and the two came together to complete the game. Jean Pei slightly did not think is that the identity of the line of a smile, turned out to be their own schoolmate brother Shauna, Shawna is the man on the campus, the main force of the basketball team, the two people's friendship developed from the line to the line Next, a relationship that spans both virtual and real world kicks off. Cold dog food on my face indiscriminately shot, slightly simple but sweet death of the play ah, ost and online games special effects are also unexpectedly good, the script expands a lot more than the novel.
Youku video TV version of the play "smile is allure"

NO.2: The Other Crimes Starring: Zhang Yishan, Zhang Rui

Introduction: "Is sin" is a film and television production directed by Zhang Rui. Zhang Yishan, Sun Jiayu and Wu You participate in the performance. In accordance with the routines of past film and television drama themes, the protagonist is set to be a promising young man who has a laboring family, a straightforward character, and a heroic dream. However, the “Imperial Crimes” is just the opposite. The protagonist loves and asks the fashion network “The Yuren” to be shaped as an anti-hero non-tall image. It can even be said that there is no big wish, and the character is unruly, and truancy, fighting, and gang crimes are also quite a few. It is indeed a domestic drama that has not seen such a wild path. It is cool, splashing, and evil. In addition to Zhang Yishan, fat and pink pigtails also play well! As if only one of the people who opened the show did not read it in one piece, hadn't seen it? Junjun, seize the time! Such a good drama is definitely worth looking at.

NO.3: Ode to joy starring: Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Wang Ziwen

Content Abstract: The cosmopolitan city of Shanghai is full of neon flashes. How many young people gather in all directions from all directions to pursue careers, love and dreams that seem to be within reach. In a community called “Ode to Joy”, there are five girls of similar ages. They are the “Princess Hutong” Fan Shengmei who has shared a suite of foreign companies, the well-behaved daughter Guan Gu, and the ordinary from small cities. Office workers Qiu Yingying, in addition to beauty, intelligence business in one of the returnees Andy and the ancient rich second generation Qufu. As the saying goes, “three women have one show”, not to mention five young girls with different personalities, backgrounds and life experiences. They collided with each other and cuddled with each other and shared stories about the struggles of the girls in the bustling city.... The conscience drama is to cast aside the cast. Many people will also like this drama. The five girls have their own characteristics and can think of their own time. The strong sense of shadow substitution makes it easy for the audience to resonate.
Happy Song Video Screenshot

NO.4: The best we starring: Liu Haoran, Liu Chang

Introduction: Due to SARS, the difficulty of middle school examinations was reduced. This made it difficult for girls (Tan Songyun ornaments), who were not outstanding, to taste the sweetness and unexpectedly entered the Zhenhua High School, a key school. With the expectation of her parents, she braced herself into high school. Because of an accident, she and the classmate Pao Yuhuai knew each other. Although Yu Huai is excellent in academics, he is still a big boy who likes to play mischief. He has helped him many times and made the girl feel a long-lost warmth. In the meantime, Yao also became a good friend with simple and Jiang Nian. In the beautiful student era, how many unforgettable memories are left... Real stories, real emotions, real memories, those youthful feelings, those days of college entrance examination, those innocent friendships, and those from parents Teacher's love and stress... In this "Best Us", it is the "reality" that makes the audience feel empathy.

NO.5: Xiao Bie away Starring: Huang Lei, Hai Qing

Description: Fang Yuan and Tong Wenjie have been married for many years. There is a female blossoming under the knee. In recent days, the husband and wife had been arguing over the issue of whether to send more than one flower to go abroad to study, and eventually sent the blossoming out of the country without consideration. It did not happen that this move caused the whole family to be on the brink of collapse. . In the screen drama of 2016, this "little alienation", which focuses on the education of minors, has become a "national drama" with huge topicality. The series of social issues such as the high price of school rooms, high school selection fees, and small foreign students in the drama made this “Little Parting” poke in the minds of countless people. The anxiety of middle-class parents is In the current portrayal of China, many people also hope to improve this problem through this drama.

NO.6: If the snail has a love starring: Wang Kai, Wang Ziwen

Introduction: The male master Ji Bai and the female singer Xu Hao are seemingly indifferent mentors, but they are comrades in their life and death. They are even more admirers. Ji Bai is a deep and cold senior detective. Xu Hao is a genius new to criminal psychological research. After the two men cracked down on a major case, Ji Bai loved the wise and benevolent lover. However, no matter how he pursued the escapade, this girl, like a snail, was unable to receive the signal of love. . At the time of the two people's "talking about the situation," it is also a journey of the ultimate sweet pursuit that is also extremely dangerous. This drama uses the rare scenes of domestic TV dramas: military helicopters, massive firearms, realistic blasting scenes, strengthening the criminal investigation part compared to the original, and the emotional part is relatively more restrained and more reasonable and smooth, plus the interpretation of Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen. This play is also very worth seeing.
Tencent video play "If the snail has love"

NO.7: Ghost Blowing Lights is the Best Ancient City Starring: Geng Dong, Chen Qiaoen

Introduction: The story of "Ghost Blowing the Light of the Ancient City" is based on a family secret volume of secretaries, tells three contemporary gold-touching schools, unravels the ancient mysteries of tribal disappearance, and uses feng shui secret techniques to interpret the world's mountains. Okawa's pulse, looking for a place that is lost everywhere in the depths of the earth. After all, those tiger-shaped tigers, exposing themselves, and turning rivers are all vulgar. In mystifying and bizarre underground world, the mysteries of history are being uncovered layer by layer... perhaps because The comparison of the tomb-drama TV drama production standards, this show is particularly conscientious after the comparison, and the drama's largest restore the original, full of time, details of the intentions; some plots have been adapted, the details of the character feeling better, more prominent Hu August's heavy feelings, the king's bloody loyalty.

NO.8, good guy starring: Li Chen, Zhang translation

Description: After the Southern Anhui Incident of 1940, these determined young men were ordered to cover an important comrade who went to Shanghai. They did not know which of them was this important comrade. From the northwest to the Greater Shanghai, there will be banditry, Kuomintang, traitors, Japanese soldiers and many other bad guys. This time, the good guys will not only escort their comrades with life, wisdom, dreams, and death, but they will also protect and save the nation's hopes of anti-Japanese united front. During the escort journey, the bad guys intercepted from the northwestern desert to the prosperous Shanghai layers. They intercepted at Tianwaishan, intercepted in the sand, intercepted in the KMT, intercepted it in the Japanese occupation zone, intercepted it in the ship's gang and intercepted it on the Tianmu Mountain. Among the good guys, there are people who continue to sacrifice. They used their wisdom to eliminate all kinds of difficulties and completed the tasks assigned by the party organizations. At the same time, the good guys used their behaviors to educate the stubborn forces, taking the national righteousness as a priority, and everyone was united against the Japanese aggressors.

NO.9: Starring Fairview: Luo Jin, Tang Yi, Wu Jianhao

Introduction: The story took place during the Southern and Northern Dynasties. Xin Er (Tang Yu ornaments) was born in the royal family of the Northern Liang and was a princess of gold with a gold spoon. However, an accidental family had fallen into the family's place of death and death. Had to embark on a fugitive journey. On the way, my heart became acquainted with a woman named Li Weiyang (Tang Hao ornaments), and her true identity was in fact the abandoned woman of the Northern Wei Shang Shufu. The whereabouts of his heart were soon revealed. In order to protect his heart, good-mannered Li Weiyang died in despair. Afterwards, he lost his way to replace Li Weiyang’s identity and went to the Shang Shu Fu, where he waited for her except for a sinister journey. The deceitful enemies of the deceitful and the handsome romantic. Youku video TV version of the splendid Weiyang HD full version

NO.10: Sparrow Starring: Li Yifeng, Zhang Ruoyu, Zhou Dongyu

Description: In March 1940, Wang Puppet Government announced the establishment of the company. The Japanese invading the Japanese army arrested and defended the journalists in Shanghai. Wang puppeted the establishment of the “Special Operations Office”, where the former Kuomintang officer Bi Zhongliang served as the chief. Chen Shen, a member of the Communist Party who has been lurking beside Bi Zhongliang and codenamed "sparrow," has temporarily lost contact with the organization. In the dangerous situation of tigers and wolfs, Chen Shen firmly believes that he is desperate to rescue the "prime minister" on the line and the anti-heroes. Bi Zhongliang, a vulgar sire, even though he and his helper Chen Shen "brought the same brothers," he was skeptical, setting up heavy traps. After the sacrifice of the "Prize Minister", Chen Shen finally found a new "physician" on the line and was ordered to take an important battle plan code-named "Return to Zero." Haifei's novels are famous, and they are also worth a look. The spy drama is good.

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