WHALEY W50J 50 inch 4K TV use evaluation

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Recently bought a small whale W50J, good friend wants me to give him a use of assessment, as a reference for him to buy TV after years, just at home during this time, so wrote a review to give comparison The following is the first submission of the younger brother on Aunt Zhang’s price.

Originally wanted to write an evaluation evaluation of a box out of the box, but the plastic packaging inside the outer packaging had been dismissed by JD. Xiaodong who had been in love with Kim Jung (we will talk about it below). It was difficult for me to recover them. Inside this one

First, buy and unpack

Since the picture tube of a certain TV of N years ago in the home suddenly burst (not the brand black, only the electronic products of any brand have a certain chance of being damaged).

At the urging of my family, I took up the responsibility of picking a TV. After visiting Aunt Zhang for a long time, I saw the W50J, a microwhale, for a long time. The main reason for this is the price/performance ratio (after all, the budget given at home is less High standard).

Ever since I set a price reduction notice on Jingdong a month ago, I waited until October 17 and discovered that Jingdong actually had a special day for the brand day. After the discount, the price of 2199 happened to be within the range that I could accept (not to mention this year's 618 buying When this goods only 1499 do not mention the goods have been to 1999 heart hurts, if the time back ~ ~ ~ I can do ~ ~ ~)

At 0:00, decisive orders

Grab a single

After buying it, the price went up again.

Have to praise the speed of Jingdong distribution

The day before the receipt of the phone call and delivery Xiaobao half an hour ahead of time to call the appointment time is really very intimate

After an appointment of half an hour, the delivery of the big brother took him to the 5th floor, and I heard the voice of him sprinting in the living room. When I opened the door, I saw the brother's face was not heart-rending and was very stable. It is a terrible word

After that, it was to look at the little guy's skillful and slightly violent unboxing. I thought in the side that tearing the package could make people feel like being shocked by electric shock. How could they be done by others?

However, goose, goose,

The younger brother completed the work out of the box with three by five, and after that, his heart was sore, my whales, you were so others... still before your master.

Or is it right?

Looked at the next hurry to the next delivery of the brother, I simply checked the next screen on the sign (after all, for my heavy obsessive-compulsive disorder patients on the screen can not have a bad point)

Amount, if you all have to look out of the box, I only have one picture.

Second, the use of assessment

This is the official configuration

The first is boot,

When it takes about 31 seconds, it feels so slow. I don't know how much the speed of similar products of your business partner is.

After that, the main interface

Main interface

Main interface

There are several categories on the left, starting with the first source:

signal source

signal source

Here you can freely switch the source of the signal the TV can display (see the literal meaning should be interpreted)

TV is a cable TV (the effect on the 4k panel is poor, but it is still snowflake, this is not a pot of radio, come back)

HDMI I connected to the home test laptop, display output 2160P 30 frames, watching the ball or smear, due to notebook graphics card supports up to HDMI1.4, can only reach 4k 30 frames, if you change to 1080p, should be able to reach 60 frames Above (three HDMI 2.0 are full of sincerity)

As for AV, it is a short name for a channel. It seems that there should be three lines that are connected in red, white, and yellow. The devices in the hand are not able to test.

Second: My TV

This column has been adjusted according to my own usage habits. I can't present the layout of the interface when it is out of the box.

Inside the account center is my registered micro whale account, which is bound to WeChat, so it displays my nickname and avatar of WeChat.

Here we can see the official free gift for one year. Is it possible for members to enjoy these three items alone? I am looking forward to the fact that members can give people an illusion that they are not like entering Europe. I did not expect it to be just like this. For the renewals of membership for the next year, you ask if my support is not supported. I say support and I must invest in porcelain. This golden member logo is also quite good-looking (in fact, personal opinion, most of the members’ functions can be replaced by one software. That is, TV cats don’t ask me how to know, you look at the micro-whale and the TV cat. UI, and then search the TV cat's production team will understand this software)

Have to talk about the function of the drama collection, the elders often see the column into the inside, when they are not at home when the elders can see the columns you like, there are updates to the function of the tips, is very intimate (do not ask Why do I like to watch such shows? I really just pass the time.)

The micro-whale is live. It is a channel where micro-whales make use of their own resources. For the time being without talking about content, this image quality alone has given me the intention to put cable TV program sources into the cold room.

The movie theaters, um, big movies

The source is still enough, that is, input in the smart TV search function makes me feel so good

This gives me a feeling that the remote is consumable

Just try to find a movie

Truthfully speaking, although the source of the video is 4k of Tencent video, based on my actual feelings and the fact that it can be played smoothly with 20Mb mobile broadband that my family already occupies 2MB of bandwidth, I personally believe that this is a source made of 1080P. 4K this rate, this picture, that is true 4K is not consistent with common sense

The function of this protracted procrastinator made me shine, but this is not an egg for me with severe procrastination.

Third, wonderful recommendation

The popularity of this recommended function today varies from person to person. For me, it should be really boring to invest time in it.

Fourth item, classification

Amount, I just want to know, E big so big double ... should not code it

Fifth item, application

Which platform's source is being tested recently is not only high-definition user experience, but also downloads a lot of APP

It's still a good thing for TV cats (love depression and feel it)

Remote installation is very convenient, U disk installation function is easy to get it out, can automatically identify all the installation package.

Item 6: Settings

The setting is very simple, it is good to see the master himself

Wireless, you can boot automatically, Bluetooth is used with the remote control (not infrared, do not want to give praise)

At this point, the TV's UI is introduced.啰嗦 啰嗦 啰嗦 这么 这么 这么 这么 这么 这么 这么 这么 这么 , , ,

For this screen, the official said so

Then, the younger brother I found the 4K content and tried it (content from the network, intrusion)

Screenshots may be compressed, the actual playback is very smooth, in 50% of the brightness, normal mode, color and domestic price of this price up about 2K yuan

4k TV display is almost the same, but compared with Sony, Sharp, LG, Samsung's TV, or a money

This is the truth

I am not a member of the Parametric Society. I have to know less about the panel. I have to say that the younger brothers say that the advantages and disadvantages of IPS and OLED are not really easy for Google to talk about.

If you really wrestle with the display effect of the panel

It is recommended to go directly to Suning Gome and other personal comparison, otherwise who knows that no Internet entity under the Internet brand will send you a TV panel will not just in line with their own aesthetic

Hardware tests have security Bunny Forgive me before the ignorant, TV side actually has such entertainment software.

Hey, this ran into a fight with my nexus4 who was still strong for years.

Of course, it's good to look at the delivery

Finally, there are several small features

System's own cleaning function

It really is an essential feature of Android

U disk and other devices will be prompted when inserted, for lazy people like me very caring

After the computer is set to share, you can also watch the resources on the hard disk directly from the TV, such as learning videos (really learning video and learning small accounts of PS.)

The above is the first five-day WHALEY W50J 50-inch 4K TV purchase and use evaluation, is also the first time in the submission of Zhang Dama, the layout of the content of the format if not meet the requirements of the taste of the officer to see the master, please forgive me If you do not understand,

哎, 哎呦 哎呦, 哎呦 哎呦 疼, 看官老 轻 轻

It's no kidding. The audience spectators who can see this are all true love.

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