Color TV industry: quality manufacturing into a competitive theme

“Overview of the development of the color TV market in 2016, it shows that technological innovation is still the core factor driving the color TV industry. Whether it is the conservatives who adhere to the LCD camp or the radicals who seek new display technology transformation, the Chinese color TV market is showing a hundred flowers. The situation, with technological innovation to meet and create new consumer demand has become the consensus of all color TV manufacturers."

This is the judgment of the 2016 China Flat Panel TV Consumer Report released by the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce and the China Electronics Standardization Research Institute on December 21 at the “2016 China Flat Panel TV Industry Conference” held in Beijing. According to the report, it is estimated that the sales of flat-panel TVs in 2017 will reach 53 million units, a year-on-year increase of more than 10%.

Color TV industry: quality manufacturing into a competitive theme

The result of the "concept war" is confusing

“Although the innovation of color TV technology enriches the product category, the similarity or similarity of technical terms will inevitably make consumers confuse the concept and increase the difficulty of purchasing.”

At the meeting, a questionnaire survey on home appliance stores showed that for the new technologies of flat-panel TVs, such as OLED, ULED TV, ordinary 4K TV, curved TV, artificial intelligence TV, split TV, etc., the results show that 72% of consumers can not Differentiating various display technologies, 80% of consumers do not understand the advantages and disadvantages of various display technologies, but consumers are extremely consistent in their pursuit of image quality. More than half of consumers are the first to consider the quality of their products when purchasing TV.

Lu Jianbo, deputy secretary-general of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, said that the innovation of display technology has pushed TV image quality to a new level. This is one of the ways for color TV companies to get rid of homogenization competition and achieve profit multiplication, but we should also It is seen that technological innovation does not mean to fight "concept wars". The result of "concept wars" is to confuse consumer audiovisuals, which in turn makes it difficult to promote new technologies.

High-end trend, obvious competition pattern reappears

“In the field of color TV consumption, the wave of high-end is quietly kicking off.” The consumer report released at the meeting pointed out that in order to avoid falling into the homogenization of low-end fights, traditional color TV companies have chosen to move to the high-end, which also brings The share of high-end products in the color TV market continued to grow. 55-inch and 65-inch HDR TVs account for more than 70% of the market.

Although the color TV consumer market has ushered in a slight recovery this year, the recent rise in panel prices has made the color TV industry in the era of meager profits or negative profits even worse. As the entire color TV industry enters the adjustment period, various color TV companies have launched a new round of exploration from the aspects of industrial chain integration and market competition.

Focusing on the whole machine manufacturer, it will enhance cooperation with panel and chip companies, and cooperate with content providers to establish a new color TV industry ecological chain.

In the upstream direction, such as Skyworth and BOE, Haisi jointly created China's first independent research and development of OLED TV. Hisense and TCL have launched in-depth cooperation in the TV LCD panel business, and the two have changed from a simple competition to a "competition" relationship between the enemy and the friend.

Downstream, VIDAA has reached strategic cooperation with iQiyi, Huashu, Tencent Video and other video platforms to ensure its content advantage; iQiyi invested 150 million yuan in Skyworth's cool-open TV; Changhong and Tencent Penguin TV also announced both parties In-depth cooperation will be carried out on the operation of smart TV content. Internet video providers expand their content coverage with a large TV user base, and TV companies accumulate better user reputation through high-quality content. The combination of the two will achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

Relevant experts said that through the integration of the industry chain, color TV companies will bid farewell to single-handedly. Under this trend, the new color TV market is expected to be reshaped.

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