Amazon will build a drone distribution warehouse in the air

According to foreign media reports, since 2013, Amazon has started planning its own drone delivery plan, but since large warehouses are built in the suburbs, frequent drones will reduce delivery. effectiveness. Amazon also thinks about this, they are ready to build the warehouse in the sky.

The latest exposure of the patent shows that Amazon is preparing to build a distribution center in the sky. From the patent map, the distribution center is like a Zeppelin airship.

Amazon Air Distribution Center Patent

Amazon Air Distribution Center Patent

It is reported that the air distribution center will store a lot of goods, according to user demand it will automatically transfer and hover above the predetermined location, convenient for drone replenishment and large-scale delivery.

In addition, the air distribution center can also be equipped with drones with temperature control equipment, and once the order is received, it can carry fresh food immediately to carry out the delivery task.

Amazon also cites a typical example in the patent. During the major events, the air distribution center can carry a lot of snacks and souvenirs hovering near the stadium, and the drones are ready to be delivered. At the same time, the air distribution center can also act as a giant billboard and become a sponsor's board during major events.

Amazon drone

Of course, the system is much more than just drones and air distribution centers. Amazon has also prepared shuttle airships for workers, supplies and drones to the air distribution center.

As for when the cool air distribution system will be officially put into use, Amazon did not give detailed time. (Compile / Lu Jiahui)

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