Taiwan Steel raised its domestic sales price slightly in May and May

China Steel Corporation held a domestic steel price factory meeting in April and May on February 21. The resolution was:

Greece's aid program passed, European Union aid funds will soon be in place, the European debt crisis will be temporarily settled, the US economy and employment indicators will continue to improve, and the Diet will help stimulate consumer growth through prolonged tax cuts. China once again cuts its deposit reserve ratio, turning its fund into a turnaround. Loose, the global economy is heading towards optimism. Taiwan’s import and export data both fell in January, and the CAG cut its annual GDP to 3.96%. However, the government actively expanded domestic demand, plus the zero-tariff bailout of ECFA’s early-harvest project exports to the mainland, predicting that the economy will rise quarter by quarter after the first quarter falls. .

The mill's production reduction strategy in the fourth quarter of last year worked well, and matched seasonal demand for inventory, pushing up international steel prices. Concerned about the cost and profitability of the mainland steel mills, the price of the steel in March was more than that. In the Asian market, Japan and South Korea’s foreign export prices continued to increase, and domestic sales prices also had room to increase. The international steel market clearly showed a rebound.

The iron and steel downstream industries in Taiwan have been stimulated by the improvement of international political and economic environment and the rise of international steel prices. Domestic and foreign sales orders have resumed growth momentum. The market wait-and-see atmosphere has gradually faded, and the main steel market circulation prices have gradually increased after the Lunar New Year holiday; Considering that the current global economic uncertainty risks still exist, coupled with the impact of the appreciation of the Taiwan dollar on exports, in order to maintain the competitiveness of the downstream industries, China Steel from April to May, in addition to the ordinary plate and bar to maintain a flat plate, the steel Domestic sales rose only slightly by 1.11%, and averaged NT$270 per ton.

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