Taiwan factory Longda Electronics's February return-to-temperature revenue grew 14% from January

Ronda’s revenue in February 2012 was NT$750 million, up 14.37% from January and 38.1% from the same period last year. Ronda Electronics' overall order returned in February, while driving capacity utilization to rise to six to seventy percent.

Ronda said that the downturn in the industry last year lasted until January this year, and the future situation is expected to improve month by month. Since February, the orders have obviously returned to temperature, and the lighting application products have continued to grow in January, with the lighting module performance climbing rapidly. Ronda is expected to end the off-season effect of the lighting market in March and April. In the backlight packaging market, the temperature was warmed up early, and the layout of customers in the mainland panel was successful. The backlight revenue in February grew by 11%.

Ronda Electronics expects that the future will not only be expected in terms of shipments, but also revenue-seeking quarterly, and the second or third quarter should have the opportunity to see the industry's high point. This year, Ronda will continue to expand the lighting product assembly line in the Suzhou plant in mainland China to reduce production costs while achieving economic scale.

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