Intelligent building lighting automatic control system

Wang Gongsheng Jiahui Electromechanical Equipment (032200) intelligent building lighting system can provide a good comfortable environment and save electricity. The light environment controls the lighting of the environment according to different time and use to meet the lighting required for work or entertainment breaks. Specific visual effects, improve the working environment and improve work efficiency. The lighting control lights up when needed and gives it a certain brightness, which changes the waste of the constant lighting. The bulb is easily damaged when it is subjected to an overvoltage, reducing the surge voltage or lowering the voltage of the grid, delaying the aging of the bulb and increasing its life.

1 The function of the automatic lighting control system of the lighting automatic control system should meet the requirements of the user, as follows: according to the set time or the presence of personnel in the room to control the lighting switch; automatically adjust the brightness of the light according to the outdoor illumination, such as when the outdoor light is strong Turn down the brightness of the light, adjust the brightness of the light when the outdoor light is dark; keep the indoor illumination consistent; control the lighting switch when someone is indoors, and turn off the light when no one is indoors.

The entrance halls, walkways, stairs, courtyards, etc. in public areas are controlled by outdoor illumination and time. The reception hall, restaurant, conference room, lounge, casino and parking lot are arranged according to the time schedule to control the lighting and scenes.

Control holiday lighting, outdoor lighting, and aviation obstacle lights according to the time program.

Automatic switching of normal lighting and emergency lighting. Automatically switch to emergency lighting when there is a fault in the normal power supply.

2 Lighting Control Mode Lighting control has two modes, switch mode and multi-level or stepless mode. The switch mode is that the lamp can only be turned on or off. The disadvantage of this mode is that there is no intermediate state, and the brightness changes too much. In comparison, multi-level or stepless mode is a good way to create a colorful environment.

1 Switch mode Its circuit is quite simple, usually using remote control switch or circuit breaker; it can also use relay or thyristor. The remote 28 control switch is currently widely used, but it also requires equipment with short circuit and overload protection. Remote control circuit breakers are often used for the switching of lights in public places. In addition to the function of the switches, they also have the function of short circuit and overload protection. It can use unipolar switch ip. It can also use bipolar switch 2P or 1P (N, bipolar switch circuit is more secure.

The time switch is used in offices or classrooms with a fixed schedule, mechanical or electronic time switches are available, the difference is that the electronic time switch requires power.

The active sensor switch is also called a dynamic body detector. It is generally made by the principle of infrared or ultrasonic. When a person is detected, the switch of the lamp is automatically controlled and delayed.

2.2 Dimmer Switch Multi-level or stepless mode is a way to use Dimmer. Resistive dimmer switches are rarely used because of their high power consumption. With the development of electronic technology, thyristor or transistor dimmers have basically replaced resistive dimmer switches, which have little electrical losses but generate a certain degree of harmonics.

The electronic ballast is a kind of high-voltage electricity that converts 220V 50Hz AC to high frequency (40kHz~70kHz) to illuminate the fluorescent lamp. It has lower loss than the magnetic ballast and high power factor. The electronic ballast is very It is easy to make adjustable and become an electronic dimmer.

The electronic controller or microcomputer controller can provide switching mode, multi-level or stepless mode to control illumination. Controlled by programmable controller PLC. Electronic control relays or microcomputer controllers can perform complex lighting control such as time program control, event triggered control, multiple control, remote control, and more. In addition, it can also perform counting, measurement, signal alarm, etc., and has communication interfaces such as RS232/RS485, which can communicate with each other or can be connected into a network to perform distributed control.

It is a lighting controller that performs control and dimming tasks and is a digital controller. > is the way the signal is input to the controller separately. It is the way the signal is input to the controller via the control bus. The control bus can use the field bus, and its connection is very simple. It is a 2-wire lighting control system that can perform quite complex control tasks, and the control functions are compiled and implemented by software. It can be said that it is an important part of the monthly control system of the building's clear control network bridge. This kind of network can be connected with the management network, and can also be connected with the Internet to achieve centralized management and remote control. It is a component of a lighting control network, and multiple cameras can form a network. The backbone network and the branch network are connected by f (Bridge) to form a distributed system. Each faint or multiple buildings of a building can form a network.

Sister Cheng Circuit, the municipal lighting science and technology forum, held the correspondent in the city. The annual lighting policy forum of the four municipalities directly under the central government was held in Chongqing from November 15th to 17th. The Chongqing Lighting Society hosted the conference. The conference received strong support and assistance from Chongqing Municipal Committee and Chongqing University. Nearly 40 representatives from Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai attended the conference. A total of 120 representatives attended the two-day conference.

The conference exchanged papers in one day. The paper collected 64 articles in a wide range of contents, but it focused on night landscape lighting and new light source and energy-saving control technology. Representatives from all over the world exchanged ideas and LED light sources in the design of lighting cityscape. The application situation enables the four schools to further understand the direction and content of mutual academic activities.

Volunteers from the Shanghai Lighting Society introduced the results of their nighttime field surveys around the Lushan Observatory. They not only measured the brightness of the zenith of the Lushan Observatory, but also obtained the result that the actual zenith brightness was an order of magnitude higher than that of the previous year. Moreover, the roads and the environment around the road are measured, and the road lights with high light and the high brightness of the road are a major scourge that causes sky light to pollute the sky.

During the meeting, representatives of the municipalities directly under the Central Government conducted a fraternity meeting. The participants were very kind and harmonious, and the feelings were warm and affectionate. At the meeting, the localities introduced the growth of their activities and organizations, and how to do a good job in the government's staff work in conjunction with municipal lighting construction. Also discussed the work next year. The participants were very happy and felt happy and cherished for such a bridge of communication and communication.

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