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[Text / high-tech LED Zhao Hui] Internet of Things is another major milestone in the information industry after computer, Internet and mobile communications. It is a trillion-level strategic emerging industry. With the opening of the Internet of Everything, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a new trigger for the revolution in IT.

And 2016 is expected to become a year of Internet of Things with a cross-generational significance.

According to the predictions of foreign research institutions, the global network of connected devices will reach 6.4 billion units in 2016, and will increase to 21 billion units by 2020. At the same time, the commercial applications of the Internet of Things are also increasing.

Recently, Europe's wireless communications company Option, which focuses on IoT technology, announced that it has acquired Lemnis Lighting and Innolumis Public Lighting, a Dutch LED lighting company. The two companies were merged into a new Innolumis public lighting company as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Option. Option intends to seize the IoT market share by acquiring lighting companies and using LED bulbs as an entry point.

Through the advanced technology of Option and Innolimus, Innolumis public lighting not only provides advanced lighting solutions, but also provides a range of intelligent applications such as parking, traffic, road conditions, temperature mapping, CO2 emissions and real-time monitoring of particulate matter. Depending on the solution, the technology can also help maintain security and use real-time integrated camera technology for license plate recognition, personnel tracking and intrusion detection.

Nowadays, major LED companies have established news of the IoT industrial base, intelligent information platform, and industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing. At a time when the current kinetic energy of the LED industry is slightly insufficient, the exploration of new areas of LED has become an urgent issue.

In China, the momentum of LEDs to seize the Internet of Things is not to be reduced.

Xiamen Xinda (000701.SZ) recently invested in the establishment of “Xiamen Xinda Optoelectronics and IOT Research Institute Co., Ltd.” as a technology research and development platform for the company's electronic information industry.

The convergence of LEDs and the Internet of Things is gaining momentum.

According to the disclosure, the registered capital of Xiamen Xinda Optoelectronics and IOT Research Institute Co., Ltd. is 20 million yuan. The main research directions include: promoting the development of intelligent lighting, smart home, smart city and actively participating in the formulation of national standards and international standards. At the same time, it is also a technical reserve for the development of next-generation technology or forward-looking innovation, and actively promotes the full integration and good application of LED lighting products and intelligent IoT technology.

Intelligent lighting has been “hot” in the LED industry since 2015, but it is still at the initial stage.

Li Zhaohua, general manager of Mingwei Electronics, believes that LED intelligent lighting is still in the stage of “thunder and heavy rain”, and it will take some time before it matures.

"I personally think that at this stage, intelligent lighting is still in the experiential stage, and technical and functional needs to continue to break through." Li Zhaohua said that LED intelligent lighting in hardware needs to overcome standby power consumption, wireless protocol selection, transmission distance, security, Several important technologies such as high cost performance.

At present, the simple dimming color is not "enough" and is called smart lighting. The intelligent lighting pursued by manufacturers and consumers is more automatic adjustment in an Internet of Things environment.

"This situation will be gradually reversed in 2016. With the development of domestic intelligent lighting R&D and production technology and the promotion of product promotion, the application of intelligent lighting in the home field is expected to be popularized." Lin Xi, deputy general manager of Sanxiong Aurora said .

The combination of urban smart lighting and the Internet of Things is now more popular. The rapid development of LED street lights has also enabled more and more domestic LED companies to explore more forms of LED street lights, build smart cities and build urban Internet of Things.

Chongqing Silian Optoelectronics has developed an intelligent control technology based on the Internet of Things to realize real-time monitoring, data uploading, and instruction execution of each terminal through the system.

It is understood that the promotion of LED intelligent lighting in the world is the future plan of Silian Optoelectronics. Through its intelligent lighting technology, each light can be an integrated multi-function monitor connected to the Internet that collects information such as energy consumption, traffic, noise, PM2.5 and weather conditions.

According to Wang Daofu, general manager of Silian Optoelectronics, intelligence must be a development trend and will be rapidly popularized.

LED to shoot the light, English name is LED spotlights, it is the most popular energy conservation and environmental protection products, with more and more of lamps and lanterns made of LED as light source, one of the most acclaimed is LED to shoot the light, as compared with other LED lamps, LED lamp price is lower.LED lamp is mainly used for decoration, commercial space, lighting and Building Lighting, etc., with the development and progress of LED technology, the market of LED lamp performance advantage is very outstanding, high purity aluminum reflector, the beam is the most accurate and reflective effect is best;Symmetrical light distribution systems such as narrow Angle, wide Angle and asymmetric etc., and the projector lamp is equipped with a scale plate, people can adjust the radiation Angle conveniently according to the scale.In addition, in order to facilitate maintenance, the LED projector lamp is replaced by a back-up switch.The lighting decoration effect is first-rate, and the LED projection lamp can realize the dynamic effects of gradual change, jumping, color flashing, random flashing, gradual change, chase and scanning.

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Product superiority

1. LED spotlights can be driven by low-voltage direct current: it has the advantages of small load and weak interference, and has low requirements on the use environment.2. LED spotlights can control the composition of the luminous spectrum well, so that they can be well used for local or key lighting in museums and exhibition halls.

3. The luminous directivity of LED spotlights is very strong: the luminance attenuation is much lower than that of traditional light sources, and the price of LED spotlights is fairly civilian.

4. The response time of LED spotlights is very fast: at the microsecond level, as long as the switch is on, it will be on immediately without any delay or flicker.

5. The light energy concentration of LED spotlights is very high: it is concentrated in a small wavelength window with high purity.

6. The service life is very long, generally between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, because LED is a semiconductor device, and even frequent switching will not affect the service life.

7. Good environmental protection, LED to shoot the light in the process of production don't add "mercury", also do not need air, do not need glass shell, good impact resistance, good shock resistance, invulnerability to breakage and facilitate transportation, very green, known as "green energy", the LED lamp price.

8. Energy saving, the spectrum of LED spotlights is almost all concentrated in the visible light frequency band, and its luminous efficiency can reach 80 ~ 90%.It is generally believed that the energy-saving of energy-saving lamps 4/5 is a great innovation, but LED spotlights are more than 1/2 energy efficient than energy-saving lamps, which is a greater reform of solid light sources.

LED Spot Light Series

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