Electric light source brand repeatedly passed the quality of the black list energy-saving lamps whether energy-saving recurrence of controversy

On February 8th, the results of the sampling of energy-saving electric light sources in the fourth quarter of 2011 announced on the official website of the Hunan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, NVC and Sanxiong Aurora hit the quality blacklist. The reason for their failure was the initial luminous flux and energy saving. The evaluation value and other indicators are not up to the standard, and these indicators are basically related to energy conservation. Even large brands such as Lianshi and Sanxiu Aurora are all “planted” in energy efficiency indicators. The issue of whether energy-saving lamps are energy-efficient has once again become the focus.

NVC Nakao Aurora was exposed to unqualified quality. On the official website of the Hunan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce on February 8, 2011, the two famous brands of NVC and Mitsuo Aurora were ranked as “failed” in the fourth quarter of 2011. The list is most noticeable.

NVC is unqualified as a single-end fluorescent lamp with a specification of YH32RR16. The seller is “Yuanxiang Lighting Operation Department, Shigu District, Hengyang City” and the nominal production company is “Nanjing NVC Lighting Development Co., Ltd.”. The project is “mark, initial luminous flux, and energy conservation evaluation value”; the test sample of Mitsuo’s aurora substandard is a single-end fluorescent lamp, the specification is YDW36-H·RR, and the seller is “Shigu District Daily Lighting Store in Hengyang City”. The production company is called "Guangdong Dongsong Sanxiong Electric Co., Ltd." and the main unqualified projects are "initial luminous flux, limited energy efficiency, and energy conservation evaluation value."

According to Chang Yi, Secretary-General of the Beijing Lighting Association, the current energy-saving lamp production still follows the 2007 national standard, and the specified energy efficiency limit values ​​are divided into the first, second and third levels. The smaller the number, the better the energy-saving effect. Most of the energy-saving Lamps with a secondary limit value and products with a limit value below the third level are not allowed to be produced, and they cannot be sold in the market. "Unqualified energy-saving lamps cannot save energy, affect the service life of the lamps, have problems with the brightness of the lamps, and even present potential safety hazards."

The electric light source brand has repeatedly passed the quality black list. NVC, Sanxiong Aurora and other electric light brands are not the first time they have boarded the quality black list. In the past two years, a number of famous brands have been repeatedly exposed by the quality supervision departments at all levels of their products failed.

In 2009, the results of the 53 kinds of energy-saving lamp comparison test reports released by the Beijing Consumers Association showed that NVC and Philips, both domestic and international lighting brands, appeared on the list of unqualified companies. Let NVC be on the quality list is a NVC NVC Lighting 5W energy-saving lamps, after testing, the initial light efficiency index of this type of energy-saving lamp does not meet the national standard requirements, which will directly lead to energy-saving lamps can not achieve energy-saving effect. Compared with NVC's Philips Lighting, the 5W energy-saving lamp's measured power exceeds 6W, which means that it not only does not save energy, but it also consumes electricity.

On September 11, 2009, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce released the results of monitoring the quality of self-ballasted fluorescent lamps and double-ended fluorescent lamps in the circulation sector. A total of 16 samples failed. Among them, "Sanxiong Aurora Lighting" has been ranked in the list of unqualified because of the problem of mercury content.

In an interview, the reporter found that this time NVC and Sanxiong Aurora did not agree with the result of the spot inspection of Hunan Business. Nairex Lighting Planning Director Chen Yifei told reporters on February 13 that the company’s YH32RR16 single-ended fluorescent lamp was tested as a qualified product in the quality inspection report received by the Hunan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce. Mr. Wang Jun, director of the market of the three male Aurora Aurora, expressed his unclear about the random sampling situation and did not respond for the time being. Cai Pan, head of the sales department of the headquarters, said when the reporter mentioned that the male Aurora was exposed to the product was unqualified, he said, “Then you go to Hunan,” and hang up. Phone.

Energy-saving lamps become energy-saving topics to become a topic of debate Energy-saving lamps can achieve high efficiency and energy has long been a consensus of people, the country is also spending a lot of manpower, material resources, financial resources to promote the use of energy-saving lamps. In November 2011, the five ministries and commissions including the National Development and Reform Commission issued a joint roadmap to gradually phase out incandescent lamps in China. From November 1st of that year, it was divided into five phases according to the size of power, and the import and sales of general lighting incandescent lamps were gradually banned. Incandescent lamps have been eliminated. The market space left behind has brought tremendous potential for energy-saving lamps. More and more lighting companies have launched energy-saving lamp products and seized new markets. Regarding the status quo of the energy-saving lamp industry, the Deputy Secretary-General of the China Lighting Association Dou Linping said in an interview with reporters on February 13 that he had used “developed well” to describe.

However, the energy-saving lamp industry is not without its problems. There are many energy-saving lamp production companies, and the quality of products is uneven. Low-cost and low-quality energy-saving lamps flood the market. An ordinary 15W incandescent bulb is priced at only 1.5 yuan, while the 15W energy-saving lamp is priced at 20 yuan. The expensive and long service life may not lead to energy-saving lamps failing to break the cost bottleneck. NVC and Sanxi Aurora Many well-known brands in the industry have repeatedly exposed unqualified news and caused people to doubt whether energy-saving lamps can save energy.

Chang Yi believes that consumers purchase energy-saving lamps from regular manufacturers are in line with the national energy conservation standards, at the time of purchase, the site can be powered by the manufacturers test light, good energy-saving lamps have a warm-up process, and then slowly More and more bright.

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