ELMOS releases new IO-Link transceiver E981.10

Dortmund, Germany, and ELMOS Semiconductor of Germany have announced the launch of the E981.10 IO-Link transceiver chip. The product is suitable for a wide voltage input range from 8V to 36V. The chip also has a high driving power and is suitable for the highest driving current below 200mA SIO (Standard IO-link) application.

The driver can be configured for low-side, high-side, and push-pull drive applications, and has reverse polarity protection. By adjusting the output slope, electromagnetic interference can be effectively reduced. In addition, the chip's data transmission rate is optional, the highest baud rate can be configured to reach 230 kBit / s, and built-in 5V voltage regulator and wake-up recognition function, compatible with 3.3V / 5V microcontroller interface.
E981.10 IO-Link Transceiver Evaluation Board
The transceiver can work with a single-chip microcomputer (such as NEC's 16-bit microcontroller 78K0), which mainly implements protocols. The assembly can be purchased separately or as a SIP (system in package) with NEC microcontroller.

IO-Link is a high-performance, low-cost system for connecting sensors and actuators in a star using Remote-IO. The system can realize the smooth transmission of process data, parameters and fault diagnosis data to the bottom of the automation system. IO-Link is compatible with the existing SIO mode interface, which means that you can use the existing physical connection line. This new network system E981.10 can realize all the above-mentioned functions. Can be configured on site, and the main interface can identify these data. The products can be used in IO-link compatible sensors and actuators of automation systems.

The main features of IO-Link chip 981.10:
Operating pressure range 8-36 V Built-in 5V regulator tube Wake-up recognition function Drive current up to 200mA C / Q reverse polarity protection
Compatible with 3.3V / 5V MCU interface. The data transmission rate is optional. The maximum baud rate can be configured up to 230kbit / s. Overcurrent and overtemperature protection functions. Maximum chip temperature + 150 ° C. QFN package 4mmx4mm size, thermal resistance RthJA <35 K / W

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