SMEs without brand marketing will soon close!

In fact, many bosses understand that in the current era of excess economy, the most important product in the market is the product, isn't it? China's manufacturing industry is very developed. However, in contrast to this, idle capacity is formed, the core competitiveness of enterprises is lacking, the degree of concentration is poor, and the level of branding is not high, which means that there is no industrial upgrading. Over time, the feeling that gives people is low added value, and there is no impression of refined content.

Where is the road?

This year, the macro-economy looks like a red flag and continues to grow, but specific to a company, the bosses' faces are always dignified and deep.

This is not the case. In the era of excess product economy, most companies are living in trepidation and walking on thin ice. There are ways that the rivers and lakes are sinister and unpredictable. There is a slight carelessness and there is the possibility that all sides will lose. How to do?

In fact, as far as philosophical theory is concerned, the course of development of things is always tortuous and changes. The product marketing model cannot avoid this theoretical circle. The market development in these two years has entered a relatively balanced period. The consumer market has entered a mature and stable period. The demand for marketing model innovation has been increasing. There are only a few successful products. This is an extraordinary period of an industry. How is this period of extraordinary time? It is an issue that many companies need to consider when assessing the situation, getting rid of the real puzzles, reducing risks, avoiding risks, and maximizing the products to the market.

In view of the prevailing situation in which companies promote products difficultly, the following points are summarized: theories and methods for promoting products.

Marketing differences - opening up a door for product promotion!

If companies want to base themselves on the market and promote product success, they must first have products or services that attract consumers' attention. In today's increasingly homogenized products in all walks of life, companies must be based on innovation in the development of products, in the process of operating to create differentiated advantages, achieve optimal combination of business, product and price, and create a new market structure. At the same time, we must continue to introduce unique new products, develop potential consumer demand, and seek new "customer" growth points. Really "I have no people, I have excellent people!"

Michael Porter, the "father of the competitive strategy," pointed out that if companies want to survive in the market competition, either have a cost advantage, or implement a differentiation strategy - there are differences in order to have a market, in order to compete in the same industry invincible Ground.

In fact, today, the product differentiation we have proposed is not just the development of different products in a simple sense, but a set of “differentiation”, which includes product positioning differentiation, service concept differentiation, and even There are other kinds of investment differentiation.

Here, we only talk about product promotion methods from two aspects that companies are most concerned about:

Differentiated product positioning: there is a door!

At the beginning of the promotion of products, each company will consider input-output and cost issues.

Therefore, low-cost investment is the pursuit of each company, which requires the concentration of financial resources, to find the core selling points of its own products and other products, or to relocate the original old products of the enterprise to enter the market with a new image.

In response to this, even the world-famous marketing expert McKinsey & Company Co., Ltd. also recommended that companies, especially SMEs, pay attention to two criteria in product positioning: First, the product must have a certain uniqueness, or appearance, or In function, or in use or in price, etc. Second, the product must have the potential to be suitable for word of mouth advertising, and this potential can be seen and touched.

In addition, depending on the company's own situation, there are several other ways that should be taken into consideration. That is, it is not possible to operate a single variety, and in a large position, product lines are enriched, and product packaging is enriched.

For example, “high-low opening” and “low-priced entry” are the two main pricing strategies for new vehicles listed on the market. Chery’s QQ chose the latter—“cost + 8% profit margin + market factors”.

The famous American corporate strategist Michael Porter proposed a differentiation strategy that requires companies to create unique products in one or several aspects such as product design, brand design, production technology, customer service, and sales channels. Sex and comparative advantage. Differentiation can enable companies to avoid fierce price competition, because the uniqueness of the concept or service will reduce the customer's sensitivity to price.

The SOHO did exactly this, creating a need for life that people did not realize in the past and relying on differentiation to beat the competition.

At present, how to firmly grasp the product's market orientation and create new concepts is an important means for real estate projects to win the market. Such successful cases are none other than the SOHO Modern City, which became a successful marketing model for the Beijing Capital Real Estate in 1999. Its reputation has not been able to achieve success due to the successful establishment of the SOHO concept. When everyone is launching past products, the modern city has erected the banner of SOHO, which has clearly defined and promoted such products. Finally, many buyers in the market have found their ideal destination, and also laid the modern city in real estate. The milestone status of the community.

Difference in service concept: There is a play!

If the troops and horses do not move and the concept is advanced, there will be extraordinary practice with advanced concepts. In this new era of knowledge and information, people's thoughts are undergoing dramatic changes. All walks of life are constantly giving new meaning to services. If companies at this time follow the traditional rigid service concept while promoting products, they will not be able to adapt to the development of the times and they will not be able to formulate differentiated service strategies. Therefore, companies must formulate differentiated service strategies that meet their own circumstances based on their own characteristics in order to gain a foothold.

So how can we truly differentiate our service concept? Based on the successful service of numerous customers, Lange Zhiyang International Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd. has summarized its own set of theoretical systems. That is to say, the service of an enterprise is, on the other hand, selling products, and in other words, serving products.

Service products include core services, convenience services, and support or support services. Core services embody the most basic functions that companies provide to customers, such as preferential gifts, holiday gifts, and personal experiences. Convenient services are provided to facilitate and promote core services, such as door-to-door delivery, call-to-order, and return visits. Ancillary services are used to increase the value of services or to distinguish them from competitors, that is, to propose innovative service concepts.

These services help to achieve differentiated marketing strategies.

Enterprises can continue to find and create new values ​​for customers by recognizing and responding to changing customer needs and values. For many industries, the core services provided by various companies for customers are basically the same, so mainly to increase customer convenience services and ancillary services to win customers, form differences, and build core competitiveness.

Team execution - a window for product promotion!

When a company’s products are promoted, they have a good position. The next thing to do is the execution of corporate personnel, and the actual benefits are the tenets that many companies pursue. From the perspective of modern marketing, the company's marketing methods emerge in an endless stream, and with the changes in the market, high-level decisions are often changing, then this requires a strong execution team to implement. Just like Rowan described in the popular American book "Letter to Garcia," the company requires every employee to have sufficient execution power. This is also the key to determining the success or failure of a business.

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