Will compulsory promotion of LED lighting products in many places lead to industry disaster?

<p> "Regional mandatory replacement technology is not mature, and the LED lighting products with low technology content can't be questioned. More importantly, the product needs to consume a lot of nonferrous metal resources, which is not in line with the national energy-saving and low-carbon environmental protection concept. "A few days ago, Hu Jun, a person in charge of a power supply manufacturing company in Guangzhou, said that the failure to comply with the law and neglecting lighting efficiency has become a hidden rule in the lighting industry. If it is not corrected as soon as possible, the economic losses will be greater.

Hu Jun ’s compulsory replacement refers to Yuefu Han (2012) No. 113 issued by the Guangdong Provincial People ’s Government this year, “Notice on Issuing the Implementation Plan for the Promotion of the Use of LED Lighting Products in Guangdong Province”, which requires that the public Lighting compulsorily popularizes LED products.

Feng Rui, general manager of Foshan Meibo Lighting, believes that the current national standards for road lighting should be revised. He introduced to reporters that LED as a public lighting has certain risks.

At the same time, Hu Jun has written to the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the Legal Department of the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government Legal Office, calling for the cessation of full replacement of LED lights and strongly questioning the immaturity of the technology.

The cost savings are not enough after-sales service

A paper notification triggered an earthquake in the industry.

Relevant lighting industry insiders have raised objections one after another, believing that the replacement of LED lights as a street lighting public lighting system will cause hidden road safety hazards if the illuminance is not up to standard.

Hu Jun said that LED lighting is not suitable for all environments. For example, urban main roads and secondary road lights are not suitable for LED lighting, because the glare of LED greatly exceeds the national standard, and the illuminance is much lower than the national standard. The method of lighting quality to save energy is too backward. If you only calculate from the amount of power saving in front of you, the electricity cost saved is far from the cost of after-sales service. City lighting should aim at improving the level of intelligent management, rather than simply changing the light source.

Hu Jun emphasized that LEDs with high color temperature are pure white light and have poor penetration, especially in rainy and foggy weather, which is not conducive to road safety. More importantly, the cost of LED street lamps is relatively high, and the lack of standard supporting products puts great pressure on after-sales service. Because LED lamps are different from traditional lamps, they must be replaced as a whole when energy-saving renovations are made, increasing costs.

"The national standards for urban road lighting design (CJJ45-2006) have strict regulations on contrast, uniformity, glare value, etc., but the LED products currently vigorously promoted in the field of public lighting do not meet these standards." Hu Jun said.

According to Feng Rui, Guangdong Province announced this year that it will force the replacement of LED lighting in the public domain of the province within 3 years. "In the industry, this is a fantasy."

I saw a title on Sina Weibo "Guangdong will change all street lights to LED street lights will be a disaster! 》 An open letter to the Guangdong Provincial Government issued by Weibo, a registered company with the name “Resenico Lighting System Technology Co., Ltd.” The open letter also questions the immaturity of LED lights as road lighting: the ambient temperature cannot be controlled The ability to wear fog cannot be compared with sodium lamps, which proves that LED as a street lamp will be a disaster.

Hu Jun pointed out that the reasons for some road lighting levels exceeding the standard and some road lighting levels are insufficient are both design issues and product quality issues. Lamps, electrical appliances, and light sources use products from different manufacturers for each road, resulting in a non-uniform appearance and different efficiency. He said in a letter to the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province and the Legislative Affairs Office of the Legislative Affairs Office of the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government: "LED cutting-edge high-tech has been monopolized by foreign countries, and the products we are currently promoting do not have a little technical content."

No one pays attention to the energy saving effect

The managers of the lighting companies have all disputed the energy-saving effect of LED lamps. A common view is that the currently advertised street lighting and other lighting systems are all replaced by LED lamps with immature technology. Not only can it not save energy and protect the environment, but it will increase power consumption. In addition, the replacement cost and high maintenance cost will increase the financial expenditure.

Hu Jun calculated an account for us: over 80% of the existing urban roads and landscape lighting in Guangzhou use high-pressure sodium lamps, and their design life is 24,000 hours (5 years). However, due to the backward technology of China's urban power grid, the voltage fluctuation of the line greatly exceeds the international standard, and the fluctuation of some urban areas even exceeds about 15% of the rated voltage. Especially in the second half of the night, the grid voltage sometimes approaches 245V or more due to the reduction of electrical load. As a result, the high-pressure sodium lamp suffers from light decay prematurely, and its lifespan ends prematurely. The number of urban road and landscape lighting lamps in Guangzhou is more than 100,000, and the annual maintenance costs are as high as tens of millions.

Lin Zhengang, an engineer at the Guangzhou Street Lamp Management Institute, pointed out in his paper: "In recent years, the application of LED street lamps has become the main or even the only scheme for saving energy in many street lamps. Many cities have neglected road lighting when formulating power saving schemes. The analysis of the current situation and the high-efficiency of high-pressure sodium lamps, one-sided pursuit of new technologies and new equipment, not only difficult to achieve the actual power saving effect, but also cause waste. For example, LED street lamps are currently in a stage of rapid development, product updates are fast, the cost is also At the current stage, the high-investment LED street lights will soon become obsolete as the development of LED technology becomes an obsolete product. Unsuitable light sources will also affect the functional indicators of road lighting. "

Hu Jun said: "The competent authorities have rarely conducted in-depth investigations into the root causes of high losses and inefficiency. This is the blame for the" eating imperial grain "caused by the planned economy over the years, and believes that urban lighting construction and operation costs are national. Saving electricity or not has nothing to do with it. Anyway, the power supply department is also national. Many cities use lighting off methods to achieve energy-saving goals when the lighting cost is not enough.

In response to the questions raised by the industry, a staff member with the surname Chen asked the reporter to send an interview outline after asking the reporter's identity. After confirming the receipt of the outline of the interview, the staff member said that he would "report to the leader and reply to the reporter." But as of press time, the reporter has not received a reply from the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

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