Intelligent nursing system scheme of nursing home based on UWB positioning system

1. System introduction :

At present, China's population is gradually aging. According to statistics, China's elderly population has reached about 160 million, accounting for 12% of the country's population. Pension institutions are also increasing in China, and there is a shortage of care workers. Many young people will choose the elderly for various reasons. Send it to a nursing home to let your parents enjoy their old age in a safe and comfortable environment, and the safety of the elderly will follow. LINK UWB wireless high-precision positioning system takes an effective way to take care of the elderly, determine the precise location information of the elderly in the nursing home in real time, and provide timely service and care for the elderly. High-precision positioning is even more important.

2. System objectives :

LINK UWB wireless high-precision positioning system (10 cm positioning accuracy)-solves a major problem in the intelligent management of nursing homes. In the past, nursing old people required staff to personally inspect the location and whereabouts of the elderly. In this way, increasing the number of caregivers cannot effectively protect the safety of the elderly. Nowadays, the infrastructure of nursing homes is constantly improving and becoming more advanced, generally equipped with garden fountains, fitness facilities, entertainment venues, etc. These facilities provide a good living environment for the elderly, make the elderly more comfortable, and also bring potential safety hazards to the elderly. With the increase in activity venues, it is impossible for managers to care about every location and every elderly person at any time.

Nursing home intelligent management and care system-wear positioning labels for each elderly, so that the elderly can be accurately displayed on the PC no matter where they are in the nursing home, and the staff can observe the precise movement range of the elderly in real time. If an elderly person enters a dangerous area or is about to leave a nursing home, an alarm device is triggered immediately, so that the staff can reach the elderly at risk in the shortest time. Real-time tracking of the elderly's activity route, so that the staff can accurately check the elderly to find. At the same time, it can also be used for the management of nursing home staff, such as commuting time, working area, post adjustment, scheduling, working status, etc.

Program design features :

1. Accurately find the current location of the elderly, query the activity track of the elderly in real time, and display the accurate location coordinates.

2. The location label records the check-in time, age, health status, preferences, medical history and other relevant information of the elderly. Provide guidance for medical staff's rapid response and emergency help.

3. Prevent the elderly from missing or approaching the dangerous area to report to the police, so that the staff can find and protect the elderly in the first time.

4. Enter the ID address of the old man wearing the positioning tag in the system, and search for the accurate information of the old man.

5. Inquire about the staff's on-the-job status, work area, attendance and other information.

6. Set the range of activities or behaviors for the elderly who need special care.

7. An emergency call button is provided on the positioning label, so that when the elderly need help, the staff arrives quickly.

8. The wearing label is small in size, no radiation, high positioning accuracy (10 cm accuracy), and comfortable to wear.

Summary of the plan :

The UWB positioning system is based on solving indoor and outdoor high-precision positioning applications. It adopts advanced UWB technology and is based on the time-of-arrival ranging method to achieve a positioning accuracy of 10CM. It can meet the application of production line management, safety precautions, positioning, line navigation and other occasions. LINK UWB wireless high-precision positioning system uses high transmission rate, low transmission power, strong penetration, through the calculation method of signal arrival time and time difference, Thus, centimeter-level precision is truly achieved. At any time, place, and working environment, it can effectively and accurately position people and things in real time with high precision. Only by improving the quality of services for the elderly and taking care of the elderly safely can the operating costs of nursing homes be reduced. Let the management of old-age care be separated from the traditional personnel care and realize intelligent care. Not only reduce the hidden danger to the elderly, but also ensure that timely services can be provided when the elderly have actual needs.

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