Zheng Liyao: Analysis of LED listed companies and the impact of capital investment on the industry

On August 30th, the 8th High-tech LED Industry Summit held in conjunction with the High-tech LED Boutique Exhibition was held in the Century Hall of the Shanghai International Convention Center. The forum revolved around “Winning in the chaos” and “LED lighting technology – problems and solutions” The way, LED lighting design and application engineering - the decisive segment, and the "LED lighting market - Red Sea and Blue Ocean" four topics and the guests to share the latest industry development trends, analysis of the industry, the middle and lower reaches Hot issues such as market strategy. The scale of the conference was unprecedented, and the full venue fully demonstrated the great enthusiasm of the LED industry for this high-tech LED brand conference.

Zheng Liyao, deputy director of the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute, said that from the revenue of the listed company's main business, the overall performance growth still maintained an average growth rate of about 39.3%. From the chip point of view, the main business grew faster; the packaging aspect remained relatively stable. In the future, with the release of chip production capacity, including the opening of downstream demand, there will be a game in the middle, middle and lower gross margins, but the overall momentum will be optimistic in the future. Mainly due to the overall demand support of the upper, middle and lower reaches. From the midstream perspective, the newly added capacity of the listed investment projects of LED listed companies was released. The planned time is in 2012. The gross profit growth of midstream enterprises generally slowed down, mainly due to the fact that capacity has not been released. From the downstream point of view, the financial statements of listed companies based on display screens, the growth is relatively slow, the profit is now negative growth; in the lighting field, some traditional lighting listed companies LED business revenue shows signs of significant growth, LED lighting market penetration rate still Relatively low.

The risks of listed companies in LED companies include the dependence on core talents, the cost of upstream raw materials, the uncertainty of continuous product upgrades, the intensification of competition in the industry, patents and other factors, as well as forecasts for future LED listed companies. Finally, he also predicted that in the future, a new round of LED companies will be the main focus of the IPO boom: epitaxial chips, equipment packaging equipment testing equipment, materials and accessories sapphire drive power.

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