Don't want to "friger machine", you have to remember these four points.


The bomber is a nightmare for every drone enthusiast. Because the money loss caused by the bomber is difficult to estimate, it is also very troublesome, and it is more likely to involve the loss of a third party (injury or injured). So is there any way to reduce the "fried machine" rate? Remember the following four points to make it easy to play with drones.

1. Never open the power of the aircraft before the official take-off. The aircraft will be turned off the first time after the flight. Do not touch the remote control when turning the power on or off.

The take-off and landing process is when the drone is closest to the person. The speed of the propeller's propeller is very high, and the paddle is very thin, which is easy to cause damage due to operational errors. Therefore, it is the most important thing for novices to ensure that the drones do not move during the human contact period.

2. Check before flight, take off, fly the drone to a vertical distance of about 4 meters away from the radius of 5 meters, check to determine whether the operation is normal.

This is a simple one. If you drive a car, you can also look at the oil meter. Try the brakes. You must check the airplane. Remember the first sentence of getting on the road during the road test? "Reporting the examiner, the vehicle instrumentation is normal, whether it is activated", this is a reason.

3. Do not operate the drone in crowded places.

I hope that every newbie will remember it!!!!! I will focus on it with Article 4.

4. There is a certain threshold for the operation of the drone, and the drone itself has certain dangers.

Here to say a few more words, the operation of the drone is a skilled process, from rookie novice to cool play master is a long process, the operation is absolutely forbidden to play on. And the drone itself has some uncertainties, the reason of the weather, the reason of the operation, the reason of the fuselage itself, the military drone, then the NB thing, not the same down? Therefore, each new entry Players must remember this sentence: "To play the drone, you must prepare for the crash."

So, go back to the third article, don't operate the drone in crowded places. I understand that everyone is just like me. There is a hard-hearted heart under the plain appearance. I want to buy a good thing. I have to install it for a while, but!!!! Don't force it! Just said, there are many uncontrollable factors in the flight and operation process. In the crowded places, once the crash occurs, the consequences cannot be considered.

Finally, one more sentence, outdoor concerts, indoors are all no-flying places, because the indoor signal environment is more complex, prone to interference out of control, and the outdoor concerts are crowded, once the consequences of out of control can not be thought of.

Every toy is accompanied by danger. Although the drone is a low-altitude flying device, you agree that it is "God", and you must always ensure safety awareness so that you can have fun.

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