2016 55-inch high-performance 4K smart TV recommended!

How to purchase smart TV is a problem that every user is concerned about. Xiao Bian recommends products for users of 55-inch smart TVs to meet users' needs for purchasing 4K cost-effective products. So, which model of the 55-inch 4K smart TV in 2016 is more cost-effective? Let sofa network () make everyone take a look!

The screen size is a direct standard for a user to experience a television and is the most critical factor affecting the user's experience. A large enough screen can magnify the TV image to a certain extent, and the user will be able to see it more clearly and clearly. The enlarged screen can occupy a larger area of ​​the human eye and create a more real sense of presence. Large screen TVs placed in the home can also enhance the style and taste of the living room.

After years of grinding product lines, liquid crystal display technology is now very mature. The price of large-screen TVs is very close to the people. More features and user-friendly interface system design have made users experience the experience of large-screen smart TVs. The size of the purchased TV is also increasing. However, due to the size of the living room in the home and the high price of large-screen TVs, the size of home TVs is usually 55 inches. This size segment of television is also considered to be the most suitable for the average family living room now.

The large screen enlarges the TV image while also magnifies the pixels that make up the TV image. In the case of the same resolution, the screen becomes large and the image is obviously grainy, and the image display is rough, which can seriously affect the picture quality. The emergence of 4K ultra-clear resolution technology can be said to have saved this big-screen TV's fatal problem. It can provide 4 times the resolution of 1080P, making the picture more delicate and sharp, able to better explain the details of the image. Even if the screen reaches 55 inches or more, it can have a very clear picture.

Sofa net small series 55 inch 4K smart TV recommended details view:

No1: 55 inch 4K smart TV recommendation: LG 55UF8500

No2: 55 inch 4K smart TV recommendation: Hisense LED55K7100UC

No3: 55 inch 4K smart TV recommendation: Samsung UA55JS9800

No4: 55 inch 4K smart TV recommendation: Hisense MU7000

No5: 55 inch 4K smart TV recommendation: Samsung UA55KS9800

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