17TV55i2 focus on human-computer interaction 55 吋 4K TV evaluation

The 17TV press conference was a special event. By taking advantage of the timing of the college entrance examination, everyone was pulled into the student era, and “masters” and “teachers” were “hired” for everyone. The attendees were Wei Jin, principal and physics teacher (actual position: 17TV CEO, General Manager of Lenovo Smart TV Division), art teacher Li Ping (Design Director of Lenovo 17TV), and labor teacher Wang Xiuwen (Chief Commercial Director). As well as language teachers, physical education teachers, etc., they gave detailed explanations on 17TV55i2 from the aspects of configuration, function, and design.

Lenovo Smart TV Division General Manager 17TV CEO Wei Jin

1, 17TV air mouse makes interaction more intelligent and simple

Wei Jin said that when other TV manufacturers only focus on hardware integration and content resources, 17TV in addition to these two aspects, but also pay special attention to the development of interactive. The 17TV's most important interaction is focused on the empty mouse remote control. Compared with the five-way key remote control, the 17TV air mouse remote control has a great advantage.

First of all, the 17TV air mouse remote control is comparable to the game level mouse's key settings, and the keys are particularly comfortable. Second, the air rat's accuracy can exceed the industry level by 120%. Again, the response time is fast, less than one-seventh of the blinking time, that is, shortened to 40ms; and the remote control of the air mouse has a unique design with proper weight and a particularly good grip. In addition, an innovative anti-shake algorithm and a new air-to-air wake-up algorithm have been added, which not only ensures rapid response, but also avoids the troublesome operation caused by incorrect touch.

17TV's new 55i2 locks its differentiated advantages to "interactive experience", advocates the concept of "non-geek interaction", and realizes the ease of use of smart TV interactive systems in face of the entire family members. The standard is from childhood to retirement. Old people can use smart TVs smoothly.

2, 17TV55i2 smart TV's face value

The 55i2 Smart TV without the back setting as a glossy surface feels even more handy. The layer design is extremely concise, it is perfectly adapted to the home, and the 3D drilling surface texture is even more fashionable.

The base adopts manual installation and lock design, which is more convenient and less worry. 3D texture back shell design, fine grinding, very artistic texture. In addition, the 55i2 Smart TV is a tool-free hand-tightening screw that no longer waits for a screwdriver.

3, better configuration

The 17TV 55i2 with mainstream configuration has excellent overall processing performance. The new 55-inch 4K ultra-high-definition LCD screen, built-in MTK 5520 chip, with quad-core 64-bit A53 CPU and Mali T860 chip, providing powerful computing speed and graphics decoding capabilities, 2G DDR3 +16G EMMC to ensure smooth system operation, support 802.11 ac Wi -Fi protocol, and easy to achieve dual-income and dual-income, is a smart TV with comprehensive performance.

4、Join hands together to make interaction more intelligent and richer content

Musiccasting's product music player screen, has now perfectly achieved from the mobile phone to the large-screen wireless interconnection, from game recording, live sharing, to big-screen games, business office. The brand coverage rate of the market has reached 80%. It has achieved in-line cooperation with live broadcast platforms such as Betta, Battle Flag TV, Dragon Ball Live, and Bodhisattva TV, and has converged a very rich film, video, education, office, and UGC content. And other resources. Let mobile games change to TV games in seconds, instantly amplifying the visual and auditory experience of mobile games without changing the original operating modes. Wang Xiuwen’s live demonstration made the field staff feel its practicality, and it can achieve high-definition 1080p, low delay, convenient connection, and easy to learn and use. After the 17TV55i2 is installed with music broadcasting, the content can be expanded and functions added.

Live experience

The reporters rushed to the venue in advance, and the experience area was already well-arranged. The staff members were already in place and were always ready to explain to the guests who arrived.


The appearance of the 17TV55i2 smart TV design is in line with its predecessor's image. The elegant and soft wooden color system is matched with the classic golden color, which presents a stylish and light luxury art.

17TV55i2 smart TV can be wall mounted, there are currently two types of wall mounts to choose from. Whichever kind, 17TV can be on-site service. For example, the staff said that once a family in a remote area in the west bought a 17TV smart TV that needed to be installed. The staff at the time passed more than 40 kilometers to the family to install it. This is 17TV's service attitude!

UI articles

The first interface of the 17TV55i2 smart TV is the recommended interface, which is the current hot content. At the bottom of the interface, there are Chinese movie, TV drama, variety shows and other major categories.

Entering Chinese-language movies, there are more subtle categories such as panic and action. The classification of other regions also has subdivisions.

For search, you can directly select the cursor of the air mouse and directly select the letter or number you want to select. You do not need to use the arrow keys to move the arrow keys back and forth.

The most popular is voice search. The reporter tried to search for "Ode to Joy." It was accurately identified and gave numerous results.

Lenovo 17TV55i2 TV users can refer to the tutorial: Lenovo 17TV55i2 installation method installed sofa butler extension third-party applications.

Tiger Mode and Custom Space

The 17TV55i2 smart TV currently has 8 carousel channels, but the reporter noticed not this but the two quick entrances at the top of the interface, namely Tiger Mode and custom settings.

Click on the shortcut entry into Tiger Mode. Tiger Mode will automatically adjust the interface to eye protection mode, protect children's eyes from harm, while isolating bad content, and strictly control the children's viewing time.

In addition to the wonderful content recommended for children, there is also the ability to quickly find programs that you like. That is, by pulling the rope displayed on the interface, a character image that the child likes will appear. Just click on this image to enter the related program. For children, this feature is really quite practical.

The reporter chose pigman who often watched the little girl when she was accustomed to it, and the program was immediately broadcast.

If the tiger-mother model is taken into consideration for the child, then the custom space is more considerate for the family.

Before the custom space starts, users need to set simple settings for the source, common video channels, and applications. After you select it, you can go directly to this interface the next time you turn on your computer, so you can easily find programs you like to watch.

Imagine that in most cases when an elderly person is at home, if their children can set up channels and applications that they like to watch for their parents, parents will no longer be bothered by the fact that they can't find the programs they want to see. Do a filial piety.

If young people use it, they can set it completely according to their own wishes. The operation is simpler and the recommended program is more satisfactory.

Content articles

In terms of content, the 17TV55i2 smart TV cooperates with BesTV and iQiyi to cover 100% of the copyright of the foreign cinema and 95% of the domestic cinema. It also has a game reality show and high-end live broadcasts. The Premier League, the United States baseball, the Grand Slam, UFC, etc.; and contains many star concerts. Classic opera and so on.

The reporter noticed that the 17TV55i2 smart TV was transplanted with the online game "Shenwu 2". Such a game can only be operated on a television with an air rat and responsiveness.

Chatting on the TV, I did not expect to be very convenient.

Speaking of the reporter’s greatest interest, he can only count the magic carpet below. The reporter played the game of “Parkour Heroes” for a long time. You can choose to start or exit the game on the magic carpet. After starting the game, press the up, down, left, and right buttons to control the character's jump and change the direction. Of course, many other games can be played on the magic carpet. If you keep it clean, you can always use it as a yoga mat.

Around the press conference

1. The conference was ingenious, as if it were really back to the student era.

2. The small snacks prepared for the guests, full of characteristics of the student era, very much in line with the form of this conference, and has a 17TV logo.

3, staff wear student clothes, consider the details carefully.

4. The press conference was organized in an orderly manner and all parts were in place.

Summary: No matter whether the appearance of the 17TV55i2 smart TV is more fashionable design, better hardware configuration, and better after-sales service, all efforts are made to build the 17TV brand, which are carefully and carefully considered for the user; 4K starting price of 3199 yuan in the industry is a more affordable price, looking forward to its market performance.


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